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WFMW – Bathing July 9, 2008

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As I said before here, Isaiah is growing up. At 6, he has these times where for some reason he thinks mommy should not be around…let’s say like a shower. However, being the mom that I am I am totally paranoid that he will not get clean. I mean have you see the dirt trail he leaves behind in the shower? At first I tried to get him to use a wash cloth and then I moved on to one of those bath poof things. They do not work for a 6 year old boy. Either there is no soap that makes it on the cloth or half a bottle is gone and there is more residue than one shower can take off! I had a coupon for this item one day and decided to give it a try. It is now my favorite thing for both bath and shower.  All the boys, even Silas, love to try to wash with it.

It is a bar of soap that is encased in a net like material. Even when the soap gets smaller and breaks, it is still usable! Best of all, I don’t have to get a bottle of liquid out any more (well, other than shampoo). It really does suds up so that Isaiah can see the places he missed!

This works for me!