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Because I Always Wanted To Be a Writer March 12, 2012

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Has it really been months since I posted last? Yep. I could give you the whole ‘life got busy’ excuse to explain my blogging absence. Of course, that is really true too. I started working part time in July and was able to go full time in December. It was an adjustment for my entire family but I can’t begin to express my thankfulness for my job (a post for another week)

I struggled for the last couple weeks with whether I should shut down this blog or start writing again. Yes, my life is pretty busy. My life is not just filled with a work day but with a fantastic husband and three boys who still need me to coordinate dinners, ball practices, scout events and even laundry! 🙂 So why not shut it down?

Because I always wanted to be a writer.

Of course, I also wanted to be a news reporter, Broadway Star and CEO.

I am thinking writer probably seems most attainable in this blog.

What I am coming to realize is that in many ways, I get the chance to ‘live out’ my dreams in the most unconventional ways. Take this blog. I never imagined that I would be a writer, able to express my feelings and thoughts in such a format. I only saw writing as a novelist or journalist. Yet, here I am, a working mom with three boys able to still write.

Which is a good thing because after so many months off, I have quite the stories to tell.


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