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Learning to appreciate June 15, 2011

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The other day my best friend called me. In a lot of ways, it was a typical conversation. We talked about our boys, we talked about our days, we just talked about our lives like we would every other time. After we ended the conversation, she called back. Just the day before she had been to a funeral. No matter how much life I live, I was reminded of something. Life can not prepare you for the passing of anyone from this life to the next. However, I learned an amazing lesson as well that afternoon: you can never be prepared for your friend to tell you how they want their funeral.

As she shared her heart, I laughed through some of what she wanted not because it was silly but because it was better to laugh than cry.  What she wants is simple understated classiness & beauty, which to me describes her perfectly. She cares not if the world remembers her for beauty or contributions but instead wants people to leave with the remembrance that God was in her life & she was now eternally with Him.

As I told Heath about it, I started to get tears in my eyes. The idea of having to say goodbye to her is never going to be easy. I have a feeling the longer we live our lives together, the time to say goodbye will be even harder. I am confident life will never prepare me for the moment that our lives separate in this world. I am also confident that when I cross into eternity, I will embrace her with open arms, regardless of which one of us is to go home first.

As much as I feel I was surprised by the idea of thinking of saying goodbye to her, I was floored later in the evening when God showed me something new. God gave me a precious gift that, even though I know was an answer to prayer, I take for granted too often. She is a gem in my life that far too often gets placed in a box & never admired. Her worth in my life could never be measured & there is no price tag with enough zeroes to ever signify how valuable she is.

But isn’t that so typical of how I operate? I ask, sometimes begging and pleading with God for something only to brush it aside after he has given me my request. Too often I forget all the answered prayers and mind blowing blessings that God brings into my life. Instead, I still focus on what I still want or do not have. It’s a tough revelation. It is also a lesson I feel I have learned before, am learning now and will continue to learn through my future.

What did I learn last time I felt God reminded me of this? I have no idea, but I can tell you what I learned this time. I won’t let each day pass without thanking God for my friend. I won’t let life get in the way of taking time out to talk with her, laugh with her and even cry with her. I won’t let life steal away the minutes that could be precious moments with her as out time draws to a close. Most importantly, I won’t forget that God brought her into my life, cultivated our friendship on a foundation that only He could have built and allowed me the chance to see a tangible gift from the hand of God.


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