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My Dad’s Sun Stand Still Faith March 16, 2011

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My Dad is about to lose his job.

There. I said it. I have been choking on those words for a week or so now.

Within the next 7 days, he will find out if he has a paycheck for another month or 3 months. After that, everything is unknown. While my father is no longer the provider of me, I still look at him as A provider. He cares so well for my mother that it blows me away. He doesn’t just provide for her financially with his job but also provides compassion, care, tenderness and love.

I spent some time talking with him on the phone last night. I felt like a little girl asking my Dad what the future might look like. He doesn’t know the specifics BUT he is absolutely confident God will provide for him. There is not one bit of doubt in his voice. This is nothing new. There have been several times growing up that I found my Dad trusting the Lord to provide. He didn’t nag or badger God, instead he simply rested in peace that God would take care of him. As my sister said the other day,  “we had the greatest example of someone trusting God to provide for our family with Dad.”

Last night, he quoted scripture to me over the phone and somehow, the miles that separated us seemed minimal. It was like we were sitting with each other, reading the Bible and taking comfort in the fact that God did not abandon us. As I wrapped up my phone call, I realized something: my Dad is a living example of a Sun Stand Still Faith.

I began reading Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick a couple weeks ago. I am loving the book. I am not through with it but right now I am simply letting God work in my heart with it. Well, work in my heart might be a nice way to say, I am learning to wrestle with the idea of being available to always bring Him glory.

One thing that keeps jumping at me in this book is that God is willing to use my ordinary life and shine extraordinarily through it. I keep wrestling with this idea because I keep wondering if it is truly possible that he can use my small town, stay at home mom, schedule busy with family activities life. After the conversation with my dad last night, I realized God can definitely use me.

God used my dad to speak to me and remind me how to give God glory. He showed me that living out faith isn’t always about being on a soapbox but more about letting God rule your heart.

The outcome of everything is still unknown.  But I am excited to see this new step of my parent’s journey. God has asked them to trust Him more times than I can count and every single time He has proved faithful…sometimes at what would have seemed like the last second to me.  I am confident my dad will still be trusting God and resting in His faithfulness no matter what the day brings.


3 Responses to “My Dad’s Sun Stand Still Faith”

  1. anewcreation Says:


    Of course God can use a small town girl, stay-at-home mum! God can and will use anyone who like you say, is surrendering their will to His, whether in your responsibility as a mother or as the pastor of a church of 15,000. The key is putting His will over ours, then amazing things begin to happen.

    You are blessed to have such a faith-full dad.

    God bless you and your family.


  2. praying for him still sweet friend!

  3. […] dad has taught be a lot about faith. I talked about him in another post a little while back. I think his faith might be the thing that will always define him to me. Even when I have the […]

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