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Planes, DR and a life change August 20, 2009

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July 24, 1999

I boarded a plane in Nashville. I was bound for Santo Domingo with a layover in Miami. I would be joined by over 100 people as i arrived in the Dominican Republic for a nine day mission trip. I was aware of the stories of how trips like this were life changing. I had been given the chance to serve both domestically as well as in Mexico at this point. I always came home with new perspective and my heart a little heavier for the people I left.

As I boarded my plane in Miami I was feeling a little anxious. I am not too peaceful when it comes to take off and landing of a big metal thing in the air.

I found my seat and sat down. I was in a window seat.There in the aisle seat sat a guy. I knew by his t-shirt we would be serving together in DR. We talked and it seemed that the conversation was easy to maintain. After arriving in the Dominican I found his face again. It seemed we were running in the same circle of friends. His smile was a welcome addition to my day filled with new faces, unknowns, sweat and tears.

And his smile is still a welcome addition to my day!

We recently celebrated our ’10 year anniversary of the day we met’. As one person said, most people don’t remember the exact day they met….but we do. And I treasure it.

Here is how he surprised me to celebrate the night! With a Note in Facebook!

My wife might’ve beat me to FB to announce the anniversary of our meeting 10 years ago today, but I had her fooled when I left the house this morning. Until she finds herself reading this, she’ll think I forgot. Well, it was July 24th 1999. I had flown from Nashville to Miami headed toward the Dominican Republic for 9 days of diggin’ holes, bending rebar, and a number of other things associated with building a hospital and repairing a playground. In Miami, I boarded AA flight 1187 seat 22b (aisle seat), Jennifer had seat 22a (window seat). She was stuck with me. We spent the next 9 days serving together. 3 months later we were engaged. A year after that we were married. The rest is blessed history.

So, no I didn’t forget. In fact I hope she reads this soon cuz she’s got to get things ready for the sitter so we can go out and celebrate tonight. I’m guessing when she reads this she is either amazed or stressed, or amazingly stressed.

Happy 10 yrs ago I met you today Shuga!
Thanks be to God.

I agree, thanks be to God. He brought into my life the most thoughtful man who is a perfect balance for me.  Life seems so much more full since I met you.

When I met Heath I never thought that I would really be ‘worth’ loving. I felt so damaged and easily disposed. He change that for me. He allowed me to be valuable and gave me confidence in myself. I am such a different person since he came into my life.


10 years later, still celebrating each other!


4 Responses to “Planes, DR and a life change”

  1. Crys Says:

    Awwww! Congratulations to you two! I hope you have a great night together celebrating the awesomeness of you two.

  2. Jessica Says:

    That’s am amazing story! Loved it!

  3. Marysol Says:

    Amazing the moments and run-ins that forever change our lives. Loved this!

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