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The Cape to Cairo $5 Challenge! March 28, 2009

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I want to start this post off with this: I think God is a creative God. He not only created sunsets and seasons but he made a donkey talk and healed a blind man with mud made from his own spit. It that is not creative then I have no clue what is!

Since I firmly believe that we are made in his image it is only fitting that we be creative too…especially when it is about sharing His word with others.

That is where the Cape to Cairo Challenge comes in. Marysol and DeWet posted a video on their blog here but if you can’t see the video here is a quick rundown of what they are wanting to support:

“If you still haven’t heard about this, let us break it down for you quickly. This will also serve as a quick notes for those of you that can’t see the video. There is small-grassroots-pioneer Bible school in Egypt that we are friends with. Its nothing fancy, its the grunt work of Bible training. Its the kind of thing we love to get behind. They are in need of about $6,000 or it will shut down. We realize that is huge amount. We are not even thinking we can meet all of that. So we are thinking small, like $5. And asking God to multiply it by getting perfect strangers to give and share this all over the internet. What happens when people all over the world give $5? They don’t know enough people. We have been there ourselves. Big project, who do you ask to help? So we felt God ask us to put it out to everyone we know and get the blogosphere behind this. Its called networking and advocating on behalf of those who can’t. Part of why we blog is to help connect people with ways they can be a part of the day-to-day things God is doing in Africa. We believe the Arabic speaking world is crucial to missions on the continent and the planet. We don’t want to see this school shut down. So as we work in the Southern Part of Africa, we are wanting to send a huge gift of love and support by April 1st, 2009 to the North. Thus the Cape to Cairo Challenge.”

They also just found out that someone right now is willing to double all donations received up to $500 total! So your $5 becomes $10.

Sometimes I think we sit at our computers and wonder how we can make a difference in the world or we just think that we could never take the time or money to another country….this is the perfect time to be part of the sharing!

Go here for more information about how to give and about Marysol and De Wet and their ministry in Africa!


2 Responses to “The Cape to Cairo $5 Challenge!”

  1. Marysol Says:

    THank you! Thank you! Will feautre your hard working blog-advocating skills on my site!!! We really aprreciate how you have gotten behind this. For all your “i heart savings” friends, I know they will love the match. Thanks so much for helping this thing to go viral!

  2. Krista Says:

    I’m donating!

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