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I heart Savings March 23, 2009

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I really do enjoy grocery shopping when it comes to going to Publix. Part of it is because the store is always clean and well lit, part is because the cashier and bagger are always so kind and compassionate towards my boys but the biggest part is because I can save so much there! I was so excited to get back to Publix this week because I knew that they had some great things on sale. Here is a list of what we got:

1 – Angel Soft Double Roll Toilet Paper
2 – Loaves of Publix Wheat Bread
1 – Publix Dinner Rolls
1 – pkg of 18 eggs
1 – box of 50 ct. sandwich bags
2 – Del Monte Cans of Green Beans
1 – Suave Men Shampoo
1 – package chicken
2 – Post Selects Cereal
2 – Johnson’s Buddies Bars
2 – Honey Maid Graham Crackers
1 – Toll House Cookies
1 – Barnums Animal Crackers
1 – 10 ct. Minute Maid Juice Pouches
1 – 20 ct. pck of tortillas
1 – gallon of milk
1 – Big roll of Paper towels
1 – Dole 4 pack of fruit cups
1lb Red Potatoes
2 – packs of gum (not shown)

Total before savings: $67.11

Total Spent after coupons/savings:$36.95

Total Saved: $30.16

It has made me start my day out well! It also makes me feel like I really am being a good steward of the money we budget each month for groceries. In case you are wondering how one pack of chicken is going to last us I should first tell you that that pack is not even for us. I am making a meal for a friend today and a good portion of that will go towards their meal (along with the rolls, green beans and half of the cookies). I normally wait for a great sale on meat (just chicken really) and I stock up for a month (at least). When I get the meat home I just divide it into portions for our meals and then freeze it like that. It saves me time and really saves us food because we typically do not use an entire pack of chicken in one meal.

And yes, we do eat red meat but right now we are stocked with venison from my hubby’s latest hunting trip! With turkey season upon us now I am sure that some turkey will be finding its way to the freezer soon too!

If you like this kind of deal you should check out Sarah’s site. I am telling you local girls I get so much tips on saving from her all the time! Check our this post to see more people’s savings for the week!


2 Responses to “I heart Savings”

  1. Crys Says:

    That’s awesome!!! Good job! Whenever I save a good chuck of cash on groceries I show my fiance the receipt as if it was an A on a final exam from school. He he.

  2. Marysol Says:

    I am SOOOOO impressed. You did great. How you even shop with kids is a feat to behold! I’m a big saver too. Its a bummer that South Africa isn’t really into coupons. But I go to stores where I know I will get the better prices, and do the same thing with chicken! Our freezer isn’t that big but I fill it well when there is a sale. Well, well done!

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