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My first blog award! March 11, 2009

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See that little image up there. It is a blog award! It is from my friend at La Vida Ladybird! How sweet of her. She actually gave it to me a couple weeks ago and since I have been on a blogging break I am just now getting to it. Sorry Ladybird!

The rules for this award:

Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Show the winners names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Scrap.” There’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.

List at least 10 honest things about yourself:

Really, after all my blogging you want 10 more things about me? I will do my best to try not to repeat any!

1. My grandmother calls me her social secretary. I am not sure exactly when it happened but for some years now I am the one to coordinate all the family get togethers…she plans the location and then I plan the day and time. It all started because I didn’t like to have surprises on my calendar. I really do love getting the family together!

2. I tried out and made my freshman dance team in high school. I had no experience in dance at all. However, I fell in love with dance. After my freshman year I began taking ballet, jazz and tap. I hate tap but I loved the others. It led me to teaching a hip hop dance group of girls. I often wish I had the time to dance now. Yes, I still have my dance jacket and uniforms (which look like I cheered!) from high school.

3. I am not spontaneous at all….Heath completely is! I like to have my calendar perfectly scheduled. Heath is about taking advantage of the moment. It is an odd balance that we strike at our house.

4. I only have 4 credit hours in college…if they do not expire at least. I tried college for a semester and hated it. I went to work at a travel agency and loved being in the work world and opted to never try college again.

5. I wear heels all the time. I do have flip flops and sneakers in my closet but I just love my heels. Even at 8 months pregnant you would find me in heels.

6. I had surgery on both of my Achilles tendons when I was in 6th grade. I wore casts up to my knees for 3 months. I would never have made it through the days with my sister and best friend carrying my books for me

7. I do not trust easily. I am also not a good forgiver with trust. If someone breaks my trust in them I will close the door on that relationship. It is one of my least favorite character traits in me. However, you will find me loyal (and sometimes to a fault) to my true friends.

8. My wedding day was full of the handwork of my mother and mother in law. My mother made my wedding dress while my mother in law made the veil. They both worked on making all of my bridesmaid’s dresses. My mom created a pattern and made my flower girl’s dress to be similar to mine. My mother in law made both my wedding cake and the groom’s cake!

9. My relationship with Christ is a continual evolution. Some days I feel like he is my best friend. Other days I feel he is as distant and the clouds. I want to be someone that walks with him daily and hears his voice often but I just get so content with life that I forget to search Him. My faith is sure but sometimes I am afraid my walk is varied.

10. Motherhood is not a job I went searching for…it found me. If given my will I probably would never have come to the conclusion that I was ready for children. Isaiah’s surprise was the biggest blessing in my life. My boys fulfill me in ways I did not know I was empty.

Now onto the blogs:

Brandi & Boys: I have to tell you that not only do I think she is a great blogger she is an incredibly woman of God. I have had to chance to get to know her personally and she is the real deal. I am always humbled by her ability to be real with people and not put on a fake shell…oh…and being a pastor’s wife I would think that fake shell is easier to tug that reality!

Christy at Our Journey, Our Adventure: Remember the friend I described who carried my books…this was her! She is an amazing friend to me who stuck by through the good and bad!

De Wet & Marysol: Two missionaries to Africa. Marysol was in my youth group at church and her heart fro God was contagious back then. I love seeing how God has really created a new heart in her as she serves him in Africa with her husband!

Amy at With a Pixie Grin: She is planning her wedding that will happen in May and her blog is all about the planning. While I am not in the stage anymore I love to see her ideas and thoughts on her blog. Her wedding will be amazingly beautiful, no doubt about it.

Crys at Modifying motherhood: This is truly a blog friendship as I have never really met her. She is learning to raise three boys with her future husband and I love reading about her thoughts along the way

And since you all know how much I like to save and be frugal I must tell you about my favorite two blogs that have helped me in saving! The first is Fiddledeedee. She focuses a lot on Publix deals so for those of you in the area you should check it out. The other one is Money Saving Mom. She has two little girls, a baby on the way and uses $60 (0r less) a week for groceries!


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