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Making my list March 9, 2009

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I actually have a serious post I plan to get out this week. Yesterday’s message at church really is taking some time for me to process. In the meantime I thought I would share a little list I am making. I suppose you could call it a ‘Bucket List’ but I just deem it my things to do list. Here is my start:

* I want to see a glacier in real life…seeing a part of it fall would just be a bonus.
* I want to go back to the Dominican Republic and see the hospital that Heath and I helped build. There is a bible in that foundation with my name signed inside.
* I want to see a Broadway play on Broadway and visit New York City…which will be a girl’s trip since Heath has no desire to see theatre or the city.
* I want to cruise the Mediterranean on a small tour boat
* I want to raise 3 Godly boys who fear and love the Lord and value trustworthiness and integrity over earthly gain
* I want to have a pedicure
* I want to do mission work again…and I want God to prepare my heart for that. The images from a decade ago still come back fresh in my mind now
* I want to laugh and trust more
* I want a spa day with a friend (because if I have not had a pedicure you can be sure I have not been to a spa)
* I want to fall in love with Heath even more

Those are just a few and I will be adding to this list. What do you want to do?


One Response to “Making my list”

  1. Marysol Says:

    I really need to blog my bucket list too! Your is great, it seems God is developing so much in your life.
    Above all, I just want to last the test of time, run the race well.

    I want my marriage to stand the test of time.
    My parenting (one day) to last well into their lives.
    My ministry and life work to be something of lasting value and not something I quit on.

    Oh… and I want to swim with dolphins. A girl can dream people.

    Great question!

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