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Information Overload February 27, 2009

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Information overload and faux relationships have been a topic lately at my house. Well, it has been a topic I have begun to flesh out while my husband listens! With blogs, facebook, myspace and twitter (just to name a few) it seems we are creating faux relationships with people. Surely I am not the only one who feels this way.
I have a facebook account that I access every day, a myspace account that I never use and I use twitter to keep my facebook updated. While this blog has suffered lately twitter catches the tidbits of my day.
But here is the thing…none of those replace my friendships…my true friendships. I have over 250 friends on facebook. Yet, I do not talk to all of them often…some I just went to school with and while it is nice to see how they are doing, they are not really a needed part of my life.

I thought it through last night and came up with this: Of my 5 closest friends, 4 have facebook, 2 have blogs, 1 has a myspace (I think) and 0 twitter. Does this mean I do not know what is up in their lives? Not at all!

Out of those 5 I see only 2 regularly (thank goodness for church and small group or I might never see these gals much!). One, I see about once a month, Another, I see maybe twice a year and the other I simply keep up with by phone (Christy!). My friendships with these girls has nothing to do with status updates or tagging them in notes on facebook. They know my life because they want to know it…and I want to know theirs! One of my closest friends calls just to chat (or check on one of the boys when it has been a week like this). She is not dependent on reading my updates on facebook to know when to call…in fact she does not have any of those accounts I mentioned.
I just wonder if in the process of ‘connecting’ with other people that we are losing true connections with people. If facebook and twitter replace face to face (or phone to phone) conversations are really really doing life with people anymore?

What are your thoughts?


5 Responses to “Information Overload”

  1. Ladybird Says:

    I agree fully. I have a Facebook page that I use frequently, a Myspace that I never get on, a blog and I have no clue how to twitter. I don’t use these means to keep in touch with my close friends. That is reserved for face-to-face and telephone calls. My best friend does not use Facebook or Myspace at all.

    On the other hand, I believe that I have formed some great friendships by blogging. I started my blog for myself, but it has turned into a wonderful way for my family at home to keep tabs on me and how my child is growing. It is a wonderful conversation topic at family gatherings and helps me keep in touch with family that I don’t get to see though the year. I feel more connected with some family members than I have in years!

    I have reconnected with a childhood friend through blogging and although we are not geographically close, I am so glad that our friendship was rekindled though the blogging world. I now consider her very close again after all these years.

    I feel that I have gotten to know you though blogging, as we knew each other in the blog world before the real world. I am glad that I have met you in real life and hope that a freindship grows more outside of the internet environment.

    As far as faux realationships, I have plenty. But I don’t consider them ‘friendships’ but more of just internet aquaintances. Nice to know how their life has turned out, but I feel no connection to them other than how I knew them in years past.

    Does that affect my real freindships? NO WAY!

    Great question, sorry I wrote a book!

    • fullofboys Says:

      @Ladybird – I agree that blogs are great at cultivating relationships…heck, how would we really have ever met! 🙂 I just think that sometimes we let the faux part get us thinking we are closer with people that we really are. I love your points, though! It gets me thinking!!!

  2. Pete Wilson Says:

    I look at the virtual world as a great place for mass communication. It never should or will replace the value of true, authentic community that happens when it’s life on life.

  3. Pete Wilson Says:

    I also meant to say: It is a great way to keep up with what’s going on in the lives of friends you don’t get to see as often as you would like. Reading your blog is a great case in point. Don’t get to see you and the boys very often but I love hearing what’s going on with you guys.

  4. Marysol Says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    WOW, I still need to email you.

    I think someone once said all these virtual portals are not about community at all, its just a point of connection. Since most of my friends are spread around the world, I’m so thankful for it. But keeping up true meaningful relationships is alot more work than just reading someone’s blog. All that said, some people I have been able to reconnect with and get to know better only becuase of technology. And we are back a square one. Great question. Hard to say.

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