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I think it is time you met him February 9, 2009

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I want you to meet my hubby. He recently did a 25 random things on facebook and I think that it is the perfect way for you to see his crazy side. Of course, #24 is my favorite! 🙂 For those who know him now as a calm, level headed, slow to speak and quick to listen kind of guy some of this might surprise you! Enjoy!

1. In my youth, I occasionally used a baseball bat on some unsuspecting mailbox.
2. Ironically, I would later work as a rural mail carrier for the USPS.
3. I once put 18 white grapes in my mouth at once and, rather than spit them back out, finished the task by chewing and swallowing.
4. I’m pretty sure I set armpit hair on fire the same day.
5. I have tested and confirmed it is possible to cover your pants in lighter fluid and when ignited, only the fluid will burn…well, most of the time.
6. I had a mohawk when I was about 13
7. I’ve worked in veterinary medicine, maintenance, plumbing, postal service, and electronic security.
8. I am a coffee snob. Community Coffee is the only one for me.
9. I skipped prom both times to go camping instead.
10. I am easily disgusted by pastors who teach false prosperity.
11. I thoroughly enjoy felling trees with my friend Mitch.
12. I can tolerate most anyone/anything as long as a camp fire is nearby.
13. When I was very little, I would drive my pedal truck to my neighbors house and steal his firewood. I later learned that he was always watching and got a good laugh out of it.
14. I used to write… a lot… but somehow the ability now evades me.
15. I have been nearly choked to death by a Cherokee woman. Don’t ask.
16. I met my wife on an airplane.
17. We’d lived 45 minutes away from each other all our lives and we met on an airplane in Miami that was bound for the Dominican Republic, where we would be doing mission work. I say God fixed us up.
18. The second time I went to the DR, Jenn and I were newlyweds, I got sick and was so sure I was gonna die I had already told her goodbye.
19. I didn’t die.
20. I’m a sucker for a good love story. That’s pretty stinkin random ain’t it.
21. All my life since I was maybe 9 I was intent on serving in the armed forces. When 17 and a half, my parents offered to sign me up early if I would go Air Force instead of Marine Corps. I got rejected at the processing station due to hypertension, had a doctor perform a bunch of tests to show there was nothing wrong with me and they still refused to let me retest.
22. I will circumnavigate this earth in my own sailboat before I die.
23. I, my mom, and my sister were abandoned by the man who was my biological father and raised by a man who took me like I was his own. My mom once asked if I felt like I missed out since he left. I replied no, I think I would have missed out if he hadn’t.
24. Regardless of whoever else you hear say this, I AM MARRIED TO THE SUPEREST WIFEY IN THE WORLD.
25. I am surprised I was able to come up with 25 things and am even more surprised to think I could come up with more.


4 Responses to “I think it is time you met him”

  1. Ladybird Says:

    I have a new respect for your hubby…too funny! Well, maybe 4 and 5 disturb me a little! LOL!

  2. Your Mom Says:

    The more I think I know my son-in-law, the more scared I get!!! Love you Heath!~!~!

  3. Crys Says:

    Ha! That’s great. I actually had a easy time doing my “25 things” on my Facebook page. I think I had a harder time trying to find people to tag that I thought would appreciate it. 🙂

  4. Ladybird Says:

    Hey! I tagged you for an award on my blog!

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