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Changes and Challenges February 2, 2009

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Life is always changing around here. I suppose with three boys I should expect no less! However, most of the changing that happens involves me sitting shot gun with a little boy as he grows up. This last week a change happened in our family that had me driving the entire time and my hubby riding shot gun with me.

I signed my papers and became a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. I have been a personal assistant to a National Sales Director for the last few months. When I started with her I told her I did not want to wear or sell any of the products. However, after she had be try the skin care line I was hooked. How could I not like something that combined for steps into two? And then when I got to use the mineral powder I decided I would not go back to my other stuff!

So now I am starting my first ‘challenge’. I must admit to you all that I am a little nervous but I am thrilled all at the same time. In my first challenge I need to sell 25 items. That sounds like such a huge number since I am just starting out.  However, I am going to try to attain it by next week to complete this challenge. Should be fun!

So if you are looking for some skin care or make up, let me know!

What kind of changes are you experiencing?


2 Responses to “Changes and Challenges”

  1. Crys Says:

    I do love me some MaryKay. Do you have a website set up yet? I used to sell too but it just wasn’t helpful when I was moving around every four to six months. Good luck with your new business!

  2. Good luck with your new venture! My mom is a Mary Kay consultant, and she’s really enjoyed it!

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