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Double Dating January 2, 2009

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Let me give you a  few facts about our favorite couple to double date with:

* They can and do stay up later than us most every night
* Their stories can keep us laughing for days
* They always let us choose the place to eat
*They are in the 80’s

My grandparents have more life in them than I do at times. They have wisdom that only comes with years. My grandfather served in two different wars and the stories he tells us mesmerize me. I am always sucked in as they recount how they purchased their first house and eventually came to be where they are now. They grew up on farms and now live in a wealthy part of the state. My grandmother could not carry a child so they adopted…twice!
When Heath and I were first dating, we would go out to their house and have a double date. They would brag to all their friends that their granddaughter was coming. I would brag to all my friends I was going to visit them. During that time our relationship grew from family to friendship. My grandmother gave me a Bridal lunch at a Bed & Breakfast in Brentwood and attended every bridal shower I had. She also attended my baby showers. Our wedding gift was money to purchase a washer and dryer. The gifts were wonderful but I have to admit to you that their time was more precious than any other gift. During our first year of marriage our budget was tight. Going out to eat was something that was a treat. My grandparents loved for us to come and eat with them. So about once a month we visited them. We would start with dinner and end with dominos and laughter.
After the boys were born we were not able to visit as often but we try to make it a priority. The other week my parents kept the boys and we went out just the four of us again…something I do not think we have done in years. We arrived around 2 and went to lunch (or dinner for my grandparents) and then headed back to their house. We played dominos and listened to stories. Around 7 that night my grandfather asked if we were ready for supper…off to a pizza place for supper!

Last night we took the boys out to their house for dinner and to visit them. For the first time, my grandfather shared about the war with Isaiah. He showed him medals and patches and even let Isaiah wear one of his hats. I saw pictures I had never seen and heard new stories while we sat on the couch together. Isaiah soon jumped up from the couch to go play and my grandfather and I continued to talk (or rather I continued to listen).

And then he stood up.

And the realization that he is growing older washed over me. He is weaker…more frail. His hands are often shaking and he walks much slower. And I felt older…in a way I can’t fully explain. Yet his eyes have the same sparkle they did when I was a little girl. When Silas is sitting on his lap he looks as if he was made to have little boys surround him.

Double dates now include the boys. My grandmother still brags to her friends that her granddaughter is coming. She also takes any chance she is given to tell everyone that the little boys sitting at her table are her great grandchildren! And I am still bragging on them as not just my grandparents but some of my best friends.

dsc02307Taken on our last double date with them at Pie in the Sky Pizza!

3 Responses to “Double Dating”

  1. Morocco Says:

    Very sweet–you are blessed to have grandparents!

  2. This is quite beautiful! What an amazing blessing each of you are to one another. Thanks for sharing!

  3. holly Says:

    Jen – I love this post! How wonderful that you recognize the incredible relationship that you have with your grandparents and even better that you treasure it as you do. I always idolized my grandparents – Alex (Alexandria Lindell) is named after both of them (Alexander – my grandpa who passed in ’97 and Lindell – my grandma – currently battling Alzheimer’s at age 82). I pray that you will continue to be blessed by their presence for years to come!

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