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Green or frugal? December 16, 2008

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I have this battle that plays out in my head almost weekly. The battle is with being frugal and still trying to live a more ‘green’ lifestyle. Why is it that to buy products that are good for you or good for the Earth seem to go completely against living on a budget? Am I the only one who find this completely frustrating? Add to that all the samples you can receive from companies. The samples are great…if you will use them. I have received all kinds of samples from coffee to toothpaste, from deodorant to granola bars. But of course, there is another box to throw away. The samples are great because they help me decide if the item is really worth purchasing anyway. I just struggle with the idea of living within my grocery budget and still be conscious of the things I bring into my home.

Do you battle with this? If so, what is your solution?


3 Responses to “Green or frugal?”

  1. vigilant20 Says:

    I think if you live frugally enough, most of it is green. Making your own cleaners with baking soda or vinegar, using rags instead of paper products, turning down the heat to save money and power. A lot of it seems to go hand in hand.

    Food on the other hand…not so much. I cook from scratch to save money….but on the flip side I just can’t dish out for organic produce or specialty items.

  2. Crys Says:

    I do! I find that trying to live “green” is way more expensive. I actually almost ordered “green environmentally-friendly” holiday cards until I realized it was about $1.25 more per card!

    I generally use a giant box of OxyClean from target and use that for a lot of things. Mix if with hot water to clean carpets. Use part oxyclean/part laundry detergent to make it last longer. And I use it for daily maintenance on countertops and in the bathroom and then use the heavy duty cleaning products on the weekend.

  3. bradruggles Says:

    Yeah, this is a tough one. I think it all boils down to being good stewards. We’re called to be stewards of more than just our money – our family, our time, our planet. In the end we need to try to balance all of our “stewarding” responsibilities as much as we can where we can.

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