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Your Answer December 12, 2008

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You girls! Your guesses made me laugh. I have to tell you that chocolate or dinner would elate me!

Here is what he brought home:


I know, I know. It makes you are giddy….with confusion right? A few years ago I would have no clue what this was if I saw it sitting on a shelf. Well, I would have had to notice it first and I am going to guess I would have never given these products a second glance. So what are they? They are Scent Away products…for hunters!

No, I do not hunt. No, I never plan on hunting. I have also given very specific parameters to Heath about hunting…whether it is him or the boys. Those parameters may or may not look something like this:

*Each boy can bring home the first deer and the first buck that they kill. I will be happy to hand him the camera to snap a ‘cute’ picture for their scrapbook. I do not want to see the organs of this animal or any unnecessary blood. You are responsible for what you kill….meaning I do not want to have to clean, gut or process this animal. The hides are yours to deal with. If you kill it and tan it, I suppose you can do just about anything you like. Although I would prefer not to have the coyote hide hanging on the wall…just my opinion. Once the meat is packaged you can place it in my freezer where it will go into regular rotation of dinner meals. I am happy to cook this for our family as long as I do not see any traces of hair, guts or bone.*

So what could make those products exciting for me? If you want the truth I could care less about the spray, deodorant or soap. What does get me excited is the laundry detergent and dryer sheets…actually the dryer sheets are my favorite. When you have two guys (one big, one small) that hunt…in the winter…there are lots of layers. And apparently coyotes and deer can smell (I had no idea) things like Tide Detergent or Bounce Dryer Sheets. And while I think they smell wonderful, apparently our animal friends find this smell to be an alarm that signals to them someone might be trying to hurt them…imagine!

So I would wash all their hunting clothes…coveralls, insulated pants, shirts, hats, socks, etc. in this scent away detergent…and then I would be left with an entire load of wet clothes that can not go in the dryer because (gasp) I would have to use a dryer sheet that obviously was too scented for the wild! Oh ladies…my laundry area would be full of clothes air drying. And believe me when I tell you it takes all day for an adult pair of coveralls to dry!

Insert the dryer sheets and I became a happy woman. Now, I can wash and dry these clothes in no time. And that clear plastic thing in the picture? It is a HUGE bag that you keep the clothes in so that don’t get ‘contaminated’ (totally my word) with other scents. Now all the hunting things can go in one place!

I am a happy woman…my laundry room is happier, too. Now, how to get that dinner and chocolate?

What are some of the oddest things that make you happy?


5 Responses to “Your Answer”

  1. Brian has a lot of this stuff too! Even down to the deo!

  2. Krista Says:

    Ha ha ha ha, that’s really funny! Too bad I already bought my brother his Christmas present, this would be perfect!
    At the moment I can’t think of anything that makes me deliriously happy that’s silly… perhaps having a clean kitchen!

  3. I love it. But, you got me – I would have NEVER guessed!!!!!!!!!!! Too funny!

  4. Crys Says:

    That’s really great. I can’t say I’ve ever hunted, but I’ve had guy friends (especially when I was in Michigan) that couldn’t wait for hunting season.

    I like little things like getting to watch the sun set or looking up at the starts with my future hubby. I also like kitties, bananas dipped in chocolate and juicy apples with peanut butter 😀

  5. that’s hilarious!!! bet he’s glad you appreciate the little things in life! 🙂

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