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It came in the mail November 18, 2008

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This came in the mail yesterday


As soon as I saw the envelope I knew what it was. Holly sent me a copy of the soundtrack to the movie Twilight! I have listened through this CD so many times already! I am a fan of Paramore already so I knew I would love their two songs on the record. However, it took me by surprise to find this song on there! It has quickly become my favorite CD.

However, it has me thinking about friendships a lot. I often say that friendships are what you make of them. I met Holly almost 5 years ago. I had joined a mom’s group at church, just given birth to Joel and didn’t know anyone at the church really. Eventually, Holly and I would go on to be go leaders with a group of women in the mom’s group. She is one of the people that I respected (and still do!) as she was quick to tell you that she did not have all the answers. She would dive into a study looking to see what she could learn. However, what always stuck with me the most was how she treated her daughter (and then daughters). They were a priority. It was a new idea to me and one that sticks with me still. I learned so great lessons by watching and listening to her.

Friendships are a continual evolution, whether we like it or not. I have many friendships that experienced a season of closeness but now we just keep in touch every so often. Those friends are still important and made an impact in my life.

Tell me, do you think friendships are always changing and why do you think that is?


One Response to “It came in the mail”

  1. holly Says:

    Yeah – I’m so glad that you like it!! I’ve listened to it countless times – it’s become my favorite running soundtrack! Thanks for the sweet words – they mean a lot!
    In regards to your question, I agree – I think friendships are always changing – sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. However, I think (I guess, hope) that everyone has at least one or two friends that will always be there regardless of the changes in life and seasons. Next weekend I’ll be with all my college girlfriends and I can’t wait – however, we are all VERY different now than we were then, but are still close because of the memories we share. Friends are awesome – now, if I could just find myself a vampire… 🙂

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