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Christ Serving November 14, 2008

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I learn so much from Heath. One of the things that consistently amazes me with Heath is the way he serves. Some people might call him a ‘behind the scenes guy’ or a ‘quiet server’. I really think he is a ‘Christ Server’. If a tree falls down in someone’s yard, Heath would be the first one there to chop it up. If a house needs building or repairing, you will find him in his element. If a table needs to be moved on or off stage, he is happy to assist. Yet, he does not do it for the accolades from his peers. He does not do it to garner attention to himself. He does do it to honor Christ. The picture below is from a Habitat for Humanity Build. The beautiful thing about the picture is that I know Heath is there in that moment of building but I can not find him. The thing is, he would see this picture and not once look to see where he is place.

He is not the person to jump out there and lead a team…but if asked he will step into that role and serve to the best of his ability. He is not the person to stand up and speak in front of others, but if asked he will use his words to bring attention and praise to God. His ego is not driven by ‘thank yous’ or ‘way to go’ instead his heart is driven with the idea of serving God and serving others.

Here are a few things I have learned from him about serving:
* It is ok to say no to people – sometimes we feel guilted into serving in an area that simply does not match our strengths or gifts. Sometimes we feel guilted into serving in an area that would mean placing our family in a distant second or third. We all have the choice to say no in those times.
* It is ok to serve without accolades – this one took me a long time to learn because I do like the be told thank you. However, there is a greater joy that comes from serving with a heart that is serving unto God rather than unto man.
* It is ok to step back and have a season of ‘time off’. I learned this one the hard way…through burnout. Sometimes we just give and give of ourselves (and mostly for the words of man) that we run dry. I think when you are serving unto Christ and not man you know the times you need a break.
*Your family is greatest place of serving that can exist.

One of the best services he does is by serving his family. I am not talking about bringing home a paycheck. I am talking about placing us as a priority in his life. He still does things for himself (hunting/camping) but he also the dad who will sit at the kitchen table working on math homework with Isaiah, wrestling on the floor with Joel or throwing a ball with Silas. He is man who still years later will sit with my for 2 hours and listen as I ramble about everything I have thought about for two weeks. He is the guy who still stops at his mom’s house every so often for a cup of coffee or breakfast (thanks Pappy!) just to spend time with his parents. He is the guy who has had to make some gut wrenching decisions in order to protect the people he loved more than himself. Family is not just important to him, family is first and final.

If children model the behavior they see exhibited in their parents, I pray they will have a heart that will be molded like Heath’s. A dad who loves his children unconditionally, a husband who loves his wife through flaws, tears and laughter and a man who serves others as He is serving Christ.


3 Responses to “Christ Serving”

  1. Pete Wilson Says:

    Heath has always been an inspiration to me in the way that he serves! What an awesome heart.

  2. holly Says:

    I know Heath very little because of this fact – he serves with such a quiet steadfastness. Both of you inspire me – I certainly didn’t grasp God’s love and my faith until I was in my late 20s – are you even there yet? 🙂
    What a wonderful tribute to Heath – I think your boys will turn out wonderfully because they have such caring, understanding, and realistic parents guiding them – God has placed them in good hands!

  3. Crys Says:

    “If children model the behavior they see exhibited in their parents, I pray they will have a heart that will be molded like Heath’s.”

    I think that is so wonderful that he is such a great role model! I truly believe that children do watch and do pick up from the adults in their life. I try to make sure that I practice what I preach to them often.

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