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Whole Thing October 28, 2008

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While Heath was out of town last week, I was flipping through channels looking for something to watch. I came across City of Angels. I love this movie…and I love the soundtrack even more! As I watched the movie, I loved hearing the songs in the background, matching the soundtrack to the movie. I was also reminded of how much I really like Peter Gabriel. I found this song of his on the internet soon after and I simply love it. It is called the Whole Thing. I think what I like the most is that it is a love song…and not too mushy! 🙂 This has to be my favorite part:

the whole thing would still go on without you
and something would still be there to move me
my own thing is always to protect you
my own thing is always to inspire you

The fact is, life would still move along if Heath were missing. It would hurt and I never want to think about it. But God would be there to move me, heal me. Of course, I strive to be the one to protect and inspire Heath (after God, of course!). I just love the idea that even though we all know that the world moves along in grief, it is also ok to hold on to the ones you love.


One Response to “Whole Thing”

  1. One of the most difficult lessons I learned in life and leadership is that the church, organization and everyone around me will move on, thrive, and exist with out me! Sobering and humbling truth – however, now I look at it as a relief and blessing to know that God is in control not me!

    Great post!

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