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A Bit more randomness October 23, 2008

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Remember this post? I thought it was hard to come up with random items about me. However, over the last few weeks I have thought of some more. Here they are:

* I wear my sunglasses all the time…even at night (you know you were growing up in the 80’s if that line just evoked a memory of the song ‘I wear my sunglasses at night’). I am not sure why but I always have. I can remember as a teen my youth leader looking at me one day and pointing out that I had on sunglasses and that it was cloudy. They are just an extension of me. For some of you southerners, the idea of wearing sunglasses in the snow somehow evades them. Trust me, driving in the snow with a bright sun (which is possible) means a glare!

*I love Coke…and I am talking about the brand. While in the south they call everything that is carbonated ‘coke’, I call it soda. It actually drives me crazy that someone will refer to sprite as a coke. However, I detest Pepsi. If I order a coke at a restaurant and they ask if Pepsi is ok, I will change my order.

* I grew up in the south. In fact I only lived in this state. Yet, some of the ‘southern staples’ were never on my food radar until I married Heath. The only sweet tea I had drunk up until then was really sweetened with sweet n low.  I had been missing some great stuff! I do not like ‘greens’, cornbread or any kind of beans (white, navy, etc.). My first Thanksgiving with Heath’s family was eye opening. They did not have rolls or sauerkraut! All the things I thought were staples!

*My Dad has a huge sense of humor…and great confidence in himself as a dad. While a teen, I would go into ‘the study’…which was his area…and fuss about any and everything….mostly boys. One day I was at my limit with some drama and to get it out I started writing on post it notes. Before I knew it there were about a dozen post it notes stuck on his wall with things like ‘ I like…, I hate…, I’m mad at…’. It became a ritual that I would go write things down and stick them on his wall…sometimes replacing other notes. This went on for over a year. As a parent I now wonder if my dad was holding in his laughter as I dealt with teenage drama but if he was, he did not show it. I learned to express my feelings with my dad without judgement…a quality you can be sure I looked for in a husband!

* Heath and I met on a plane…no joke! We were going on a mission trip with our local Christian radio station. We lived over an hour apart at that time. My friend Michelle was going on this trip and told me she was praying about a friend to go…she wanted me to go. I politely declined. I had to work and such. She was persistent…going to my dad to tell him that I was to go. Finally, with everyone telling me to go, I gave in and signed up. It was on the first leg of our flight that I sat next to Heath. Would you believe that everyone on the trip (over 100 people) were thinking we would get married? I would just laugh them off! They were crazy in my mind. Seems they were all right…we married almost a year later. And Michelle was standing in my wedding with me…she was the reason I met him!

* I talk to my best friend at least once a week…and she lives states away. Christy and I met when we were 5 years old. We lived a couple houses apart. Her family was my family. They saw the bratty little girl and still loved me. The day my parents told me that my mom had cancer, I found myself running to her house. My dad had already called them because I think he knew I would need them. As I found my way through their door I remember the tears and hugs. They supported me and held me. They also took a chance on me by taking me to church. Our youth group was not happening so they took me with them. It was during a ski trip with the youth group that I made my decision to follow Christ. We have shared more tears and laughs than just about anyone else. I think I am closer today than all those years ago with Christy. She has since moved away…but we still find ways to connect!

What are some random things about you?


6 Responses to “A Bit more randomness”

  1. Crys Says:

    Whenever I travel I insist on eating at a restaurant that will give me a cuisine exploration of that area. Example: I went to Savannah, GA for a business trip and I was highly disappointed with all of the Thai and Asian cuisines as well as the Outback steakhouse. I walked about four blocks down the street when I happened upon Paula Deen’s restaurant. Oh, was I in heaven. And then I discovered that there were two delicious restaurants on the lower levels of my hotel that served delicious Southern Food. What a treat for this California girl.

  2. Morocco Says:

    We have something in common–I love coke, too. In fact, last night I worked on a post called “A Coke and A Smile.”

    I know there are probably lots of random things about me, but the one that comes quickly to mind is the fact that I don’t like to drink out of plastic ware. Also, I strongly prefer drinking through straws.

  3. Ladybird Says:

    My parents collected CocaCola memorabilia for years. We even went to Coke conventions. Noboby mentioned the P-word in our house! LOL!

    I don’t eat cornbread either!

  4. holly Says:

    1. I’m terrified of frogs – This summer I actually pushed Maddie in front of me when my brother in law held a frog out in front of me – I was willing to sacrifice my child to be safe from a frog! 🙂 lol
    I actually think of you often and other friends with 3 boys – I’m secretly thankful that my girls are probably a little less likely to want to bring frogs into the house. 🙂

  5. Love reading your random thoughts. And how sweet of you to mention me! I so love talking to you ALL THE TIME and definitely miss it when we don’t! I love you sweet friend!

  6. […] I was recently going through some of my old blog posts when I came across this one and this one. […]

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