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Not all put together October 20, 2008

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I have so many posts swirling in my head right now. This week should be full! However, I wanted to start this week with a line from yesterday’s message. We are in a series called ‘Baggage’. I must admit that I have not be as invested in this series as I normally am. It has nothing to do with Pastor Pete, more to do with travel and such. However, yesterday was about taming the tongue. The message was still similar in base that I already knew, the tongue can kill or revive with it’s power. However, towards the end of the message Pete said this one sentence:

No matter how put together someone is on the outside does not mean they do not need healing

I know that at that moment my heart burst into tears. I have struggled with the idea that looks define people. I am learning the heart defines people more and more. My heart defines me. I try to always look ‘put together’. And I am not just talking about an outfit. I am talking about my emotions, my attitudes, my spirituality. I keep most people at arm’s length for fear that when they ‘know me’, they might walk away.

I am far from ‘out together’. I say things that are hurtful and mean. I judge too harshly at times and I lack compassion for some people that really need it. And yet, I still need healing. Everyday.

At the end of the service we saw a video of Say by John Mayer. Matt made the video and used some CP Dickson people. I had seen the video a few days before and I cried. During the service was no different. If you want to see the video, click here.

I want my words to be healing for others, regardless of their position in my life. Here are some of the things I want to say:

Thanks Dad and Mom for giving me wings to fly away.
Thanks Pappy and Mumsey for giving me strong arms to land in
Thanks to my husband, you are my biggest fan, my closest friend and my biggest ally.
Thank you to Isaiah – you take me out of my comfort zone and make me realize that without you I might never grow.
Thank you to Joel, you make me laugh so hard that I want to cry. You show me that humor can abound in the midst of sadness
Thank you Silas, you make me brave. You continue to be someone that God uses to turn my heart towards Him.
Thanks to my friends who watch me fall, see my tears and know my faults and still stand with me and at times stand for me.

What do you want your words to say?


One Response to “Not all put together”

  1. loved this week. hit me hard too for many of the same reasons!

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