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Works For Me Wednesday: Kitchen Help October 1, 2008

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It is a themed Works for Me Wednesday here and I am thrilled about it! Not so much because I feel like I have to greatest information about kitchens but more because I am so excited to read all the other great ideas! However, I feel I should at least give you some things that help my kitchen run smooth (or at least some semblance of smooth!). And how better to do that than with bullet points (oh, I love you bullet points!).

* Reynold’s Freezer Bags. I blogged about this here but I feel like I should say it again. These have revolutionized my freezer. I bought all my meat for the month at one time and I was able to divide all the meat up into each meal. Now I just reach into my freezer and everything is portioned perfectly. I even diced all the chicken needed for meals so I can grab it too…because with three little guys in my house, all the prep work that can be done is a huge help.
* Menu Plan! I think this is a huge step for keeping my kitchen running smoothly. I used to menu at the beginning of every week. This month I actually planned for the entire month! I am excited to see how it works. I keep a little pad with each day listed. On each day, I have breakfast (even if it is cereal), lunches and dinners planned. I can look at it each morning and grab meat from the freezer to thaw during the day. The best part about planning is that I am not worried about what to fix for dinner at 4pm. One of the best sites for this is Organizing Junkie. I always get great ideas from that site on Mondays!
* Keep a couple quick meals. I always try to keep one or two quick meals on hand for the nights that something unexpected comes up. These can vary from month to month but it might be a frozen pizza or a box of beans and rice. It is generally something that takes very little effort but will satisfy all the hungry tummies in our house.
*Cleaning out food areas. I try to clean out my fridge every week (the day before trash pickup), my pantry every other week and my freezer once a month. It seems a little tedious but it is not so bad once you get in a routine. The best thing is that I always know what I have on hand and what I need to purchase. I also never have food that is molded or out of date.
* Keep things in the same place. I am not sure how many times I have ‘lost’ something only to find that I had put it in a different place but I can tell you it has happened often.

It all works for me to keep things running smooth in my kitchen. What works for you? Head over to Rocks in My Dryer for more ideas!


6 Responses to “Works For Me Wednesday: Kitchen Help”

  1. crosspointfitness Says:

    I want to be like you when I grow up. You go girl!

  2. barbara Says:

    These are great reminders! I am trying to stockpile and recently realized it does no good if you don’t stay clean and organized! I threw out a lot of food that had gotten behind “new” food!
    Great tips!

  3. Morocco Says:

    Thanks for the tips! I also enjoyed the links, too.

  4. susan2009 Says:

    Helpul tips. I especially need the “couple of quick meals” and “Keep things in the same place.” I was always losing stuff so my daughter helped me organize my pantry by writing on the shelf what food type goes in the different rows. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Audra Krell Says:

    Great tips. I can’t believe how often you clean out your fridge, that is just amazing and really good. Keep up the great work!

  6. evenshine Says:

    I, too, am impressed that you clean out your fridge this often. I have to be moved by the Spirit to do it….happens about once a month.
    We also divide the meat and freeze. It makes defrosting a pain, but super-easy to create meals.

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