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My calendar got a little busy September 25, 2008

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Did you notice I took a break from blogging? Ok, maybe not but it still happened! There are times in my life when I feel completely organized and able to multi task and then there are weeks that happen where I just take a break from at least one thing in my life. in all honesty, I think those weeks happen 2 or 3 times a year. For me, removing one thing from my plate makes things run just a bit smoother. So what have I been doing while on my break?

* Fall Festival at Isaiah’s school: This entailed me chairing the auction committee as well as arriving a little after 7a on the day of the festival. I arrived home close to 10pm that night
* Joel was sick…the day of the festival…while at my parent’s house. So right now, let me tell you I have great parents (who did not once complain about the sickness), great in-laws (who took Isaiah to the festival) and a FAB-U-LOUS hubby/dad (who kept Joel and Silas at home while I worked at the festival)
* Silas was sick…not the day of the festival. While at small group Sunday night he came down with a fever. The fever climbed to 104 by 11am Monday morning…talk about a mom stressing a little. Thankfully he is doing better now.
* CP Dickson had its first Impact Ministries training…and I felt completely honored to lead that training! I had the opportunity to lead Impact at the the main campus of Crosspoint and it was life changing for me. As I told everyone at the training, Impact is the hands and feet of the church. It is so exciting to see this ministry launch at the Dickson campus. While I will not be leading it I am thrilled to see Sherry step up and lead this great ministry!
* Heath had a birthday…and is now over 3 decades old. I can still say that since I have set to hit the three decade mark. It was pretty uneventful though. We had a sick child so no eating out. I did make his favorite banana cake with buttercream icing.
*Isaiah is now a cub scout. Actually, a tiger scout. It is a new world of den meetings, camp outs and regatta races. I am sure I will be posting many a story about this. His first camp out is in October…while Heath is out of town! Did you see the OUT OF TOWN part? Guess who is taking him? Oh – that is another post for another day!
* Camping in the backyard. This has happened before but with only boys. This time I took part. Camping is not kind to me but I stuck it out…until 1030 that night. At that point my bed was calling so loudly I could not sleep. Why was I out there…learning how to set up a tent of course.

As you can see, life got a little busy during the week but we are calming down. We are quickly approaching our fall break which means we will cram in all the family time we can! Heath is even taking a full week off while the boys are off. Soon book fairs, meetings, birthdays and regatta races will fill up our calendar…and I work better when I haev everything scheduled on it!


3 Responses to “My calendar got a little busy”

  1. glad you’re back! 🙂

  2. Pete Wilson Says:

    Wow, you guys have been busy!!

  3. Wow, I need a nap just reading this!! You do such a great job balancing your hectic schedule. I’m amazed and inspired by all that you do! Now, time for bed – get some rest!

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