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Tuesday’s Tune – Slow Fade September 16, 2008

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I heard this song on the radio the other day and instantly fell in love with it. I knew who sang it before the radio DJ ever came on to tell me. Casting Crowns is pretty recognizable to me. The video looks at the life of a family. Yet, as I was listening to the song, a family was not really on my mind. I just thought about myself and others who have gone through the slow fade of life. I am pretty sure it is not as dramatic as the collapsing of a family for most people but the slow fade remains a deep hole for many people. While the slow fade is not necessarily a crumbling family It can be a job that becomes a priority, a sickness that consumes the mind, a hobby that becomes an idol. Slow fades are all around us. The following line replays in my mind often:

Be careful little feet where you go for it’s the little feet behind you that are sure to follow

It is a reminder that everything I do, say and live affects my children. What I teach with my words is nothing if my actions betray them. My actions will then be the baseline for my children. I am not a prefect mom, never have claimed to be and never will but I know the weight I carry in my children’s lives is immense. I have no doubt they will see some ‘slow fades’ in their lifetime. My prayer, is that if they that in me, they see me come to to grips with a choice, regardless how small. I pray they see in my humility and the ability to admit I messed up and that they see a God who opens his arms with forgiveness, grace and love. More than that, I pray that I can be the parent that opens my arms with forgiveness, grace and love when they go through a slow fade in their life.


One Response to “Tuesday’s Tune – Slow Fade”

  1. susan2009 Says:

    Oh my, this song touched me. We don’t crumble over night. All those little choices that I don’t think will matter much, do. They sure do. Thanks for reminding me this.

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