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I’ve been tagged! September 12, 2008

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My sister tagged me last week…I needed to come up with 6 random things about myself. And since I would hate to deal with the consequences of not doing this post I love my sister, I decided it best to come up with the random items! Here is the catch, what do you want to know that you already don’t? I have been puzzled for some time now…yet, I did come up with some things…here they are. But first, the rules:

1. Post the rules on your blog
2. Write 6 random things about yourself
3. Tag 6 people at the end of your post
4. If you’re tagged, DO IT and pass on the tag

Did you see the ‘do it’ in all capital letters…I am wondering if that was for me!

1. I am a totally serious person…humor evades me most days. I actually believe that since having kids I am able to laugh more. Growing up I was always the ‘serious’ one of my friends and most of the time deemed ‘more responsible or more grown up’ than the rest.
2. I L-O-V-E NY & Company! That store could be my second home…and be the thing that bankrupts me if I am not careful. I always knew I loved the store but I didn’t know it came across to my friends. Not until, one Sunday at church…my friend Laurie mentioned something about my outfit and instead of asking where I bought it, she instead asked if it came from NY & Co.
3. I am nothing if not a creature of habit. Regardless of the coffee house I enter, you will find me ordering a grande mocha. I am the same way at fast food places or restaurants. I never stray from my normal ordering…regardless of how much I look over the menu!
4. This one I figure some of the friends I have now might be surprised to know…I was homeschooled my junior and senior year of high school. And yes, I still send my children to school. The bonus and incentive for me to agree to homeschooling (something my sister was wanting) was that I got a car at 16. What 16 year old can resist that!
5. I am not an ‘outdoor’ girl…which is sad since I have three boys. I went camping with Heath and the oldest two last summer. We drove to Land Between the Lakes and did the back country camping aka no bathroom camping. Land Between the Lakes is about 2 hours from my house. I went to the bathroom before I left home. I made Heath drive me to the welcome center in the park (10 minutes from our site) to use the bathroom that night and did not go again until I got home the following afternoon. I like a toilet that flushes…brushes are not for me!
6. Heath and I had our first double date with my grandparents…and then had one a month (at least) with them until after we had kids! When we were first married, we could not afford to go out to dinner and my grandparents would always take us out. We would spend hours with them at their house. They became some of our closest friends. So much so, that when we came home from our honeymoon we snuck to their house. We came home the day before we told everyone we were coming. No one knew we were back except my grandparents!

Not enough randomness? You should click here for my 100 things post.

Now for tagging:

Christy, Alan, Brandi, Ladybird, Lori & OCDism


4 Responses to “I’ve been tagged!”

  1. Ladybird Says:

    I love your list! I posted mine. Thanks for the tag…..I love this things and rarely get to do one.

  2. This is so much fun. I loved reading your list!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Alan Says:

    Now you’ve done it. You tagged a brothah lacking sleep. Lucky for you Sawyer slept the whole night through last evening and we got our best night sleep since August 20th!

    I see your tag and raise you 6…

  4. […] 23, 2008 Remember this post? I thought it was hard to come up with random items about me. However, over the last few weeks I […]

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