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Always a metaphor September 5, 2008

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I have said before, my mind never stops. It is always making lists, comparing unwritten notes and striving to keep it all organized! The last couple nights our TV has been tuned into the RNC Convention. I must admit to you that I am not all that into politics…most times. However, I am finding myself drawn into them this year. This blog is not political my nature so rarely will you see a post about politics.

Yet, as I was listening to Sarah Palin speak the other night, my mind raced. I ran and grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down notes while she was speaking. There were three things that stood out in her speech for me…and none had to do with how she governs, what she has accomplished or what her opponents believe. In fact, her comments that resontated with me really had nothing to do with politics at all.

“Special needs chlidren inspire a special love”

I firmly believe that statement but it got me thinking a little deeper. As always, there seems to be a metaphor to Christianity in life lately. It caused me to think about the children at the boy’s schools. They seem quite normal on the outside. What about the inside? There are some broken, hurting, hungry children there. What do I do? I am ashamed to tell you nothing. I drop my son off at the door, give him a hug and kiss and then he walks into a world of broken people. It causes me to think about what kind of light he can be, will be and should be. It makes me stop and wonder if I am equipping him to lead others by example or providing a way to simply exist among his friends. There are children all around…not just in a third world country, who need our support. We might be the only ones to say ‘good job’ or ‘you matter’ to them. The lost should inspire a special love in my heart.

“govern with good will, clear convictions and a servant’s heart”

In truth, this is my favorite statement from her entire speech. This is practical on so many levels…not just government. I am so blessed to serve first in a church that gets this. I see Pete, Jenni, Pat, Chad and Eve list this out weekly. Others matter to God and to them and they make sure that all decisions that they make are done to serve Christ and serve others. I am also blessed to be married to a man that believes the same. Heath is clear with his directions, he is consistent with the boys. Most of all, he does what he does to serve them. When I say serve I do not mean that they are his master. However, he serves them by giving them respect, encouraging them to keep trying when things seem impossible. He serves them by looking out for their best interest and remaining firm on ground rules. They will learn how to lead their families by his example. This is also the type of leader I aspire to be. At the end of my life I hope my heart, my servant’s heart, is remembered. I want my life to be about others: my family, my friends, my world.

“It is a long way from a 4′ x 6′ cell to the oval office’

I get to experience this one day. No worries, I am not planning to run for office of any kind…I think! (I have learned not to box God in). Really, as Christians, this is the path we get to follow. We once lived in darkness. While we are free now, it is simply earthly freedom. Can you imagine the day when we are sitting in our Father’s room…simply absorbing His presence? Can you think about the day when pain, fear and hurt are forgotten and replaced by joy and peace…permanently? It is hard road to follow some days. Some days you are walking by fields of flowers and the wind, clouds and sun are perfectly in harmony. Then there are days when the rains will pelt you and the sun will burn you. The wind will whip around you as if to say you have no place in this world. Those days will be gone soon enough and replaced by the stillness of a God who loves us enough to take us from the pit of sin and into the his room of forgiveness!


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