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What a day! September 4, 2008

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here is mine:

Me, Anne Jackson and Brandi Wilson

While Sunday was a hard message to process, I did have some highlights to my morning! One of the many highlights was handing with Brandi and Boys! She is the most down to earth person I know. With three boys and a pastor for a hubby, it would be so easy for her to either complain daily about her life’s demands or act like she has it all together and she is better than everyone. She does neither. She is honest and open and I love her for it.

I heart Anne Jackson…from afar! I have been reading her blog for some time now…ever since she blogged about her trip to Uganda with Compassion International. Anne had a huge heart for the lost and has an amazing view on leadership. She is young (which is all relative since I am not even 30 yet!) and I think that is one reason I love reading from her perspective.

I am telling you, I was thrilled to spend some time talking with Brandi and meeting Anne for the first time! And if that was not enough, I was able to meet Ladybird for the first time, too! She is super cute pregnant and has such a sweet spirit…one of those people you wonder how you went so long without knowing!

Now…who will I meet this week?


4 Responses to “What a day!”

  1. ahhh, thanks for the sweet compliment. little annoyed you didn’t refer to me as “young”! 🙂

    love CP Dickson and loved being able to visit!

  2. you look beautiful in the picture

  3. Pete Wilson Says:

    I think that girl on the right is hot!

  4. Ladybird Says:

    It was awesome to meet you too! Now I can say that I really know you when someone asks if we are related! LOL!

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