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Tuesday’s Tune – Everything September 2, 2008

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I originally posted this here but I thought it fitting for today’s post. It is probably one of my favorite songs by Lifehouse. It still feels just as relevant to me now as the first time I heard it a few years ago.

So many times I have a ‘drive thru’ attitude about my time with God. I go to church for a quick pick me up or say a prayer out of need rather than desire. Why is that I spend time contemplated my grocery list or desiring my Sonic Coke than wanting to dive deeper into God? Really, what can be better than time with God? How could I not be moved by Him just by taking time to dwell in His presence.

My prayer is this. God forgive me for allowing my doubts and distractions to take hold of my life. I want to come into your presence and fell you move me. Allow me the freedom to rest in you and find peace, strength and hope. Hold me in your hands and allow me to feel awe as I find comfort in the one who Created me. Amen


When I posted this over a year ago, I truly believed that I would be getting better about spending time with God. I think I believed that eventually it would not be a battle to come into His presence and sit quietly. I was wrong. My days fill up so quickly that I wonder if I should put God in a time slot on my planner. I am finding it takes much more than thoughts to get to a place with intimacy with God. I do feel I am making strides. I think I am in the best place I have ever been spiritually…and I am still hungry for more!


One Response to “Tuesday’s Tune – Everything”

  1. Morocco Says:

    I am struggling with spending more time with God. It seems that I can find time to do just about everything else! Your post was a big reminder for me today.

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