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A good God? August 31, 2008

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Today was…..hard. It is really the only way I know how to describe it. Pete was at CP Dickson speaking about the future of our church. If you want to read more click here. Honestly, the future stuff wasn’t what was so hard for me. Here is the quote (well paraphrased because for the life of me I can not remember the exact words!) that has been haunting my thoughts all day:

“How can someone believe that God sent His Son to die on a cross for their sins if they first do not believe that there is a good God?”

It was a gut wrenching question for me. If you are starving, can you believe that there is a God to meet your needs? If you are sick and dying, can believe that there is a God who heals and mends the broken? As it happens often, I miss the rest of the service because I am stuck on one comment (thank goodness for CDs!). How can a child who grows up abused and lonely believe that there is a God that is full of grace and mercy?

I sat in my chair a bit bewildered. I almost sat there feeling defeated. How many times did I miss the chance to show Christ’s love and compassion, His grace and mercy. Oh, I am sure I have done fine with other people in the church. I mean, it is easy, isn’t it? It is comfortable to take a meal to a friend, send a card to someone you care about or help out someone that is hurt. But what about the people that have no clue that God is love? It is easy to step back and claim that these people exist in Africa or a country we don’t even know the name of and pretend that these people are not in our backyard. I truly believe that there are people in my community that are desperate to know that God cares about them and that there is a community of believers that is willing to show them that they matter to God.

For years I was very ‘missions minded’. Really I would say I was pretty closed minded. I believed that the only way to make a difference was to travel internationally. I remember someone telling me that sometimes we fly over the mission field to get to another one. I did not understand that comment then but today it came back to me anew. My heart is still drawn to places like the DR, but I am beginning to understand the impact that I can have in this community for Christ.

What that impact looks like I have no idea! I am a bit nervous about it and yet I can not contain my excitement as I start to seek God and learn what this new path will look like!

What about you…do you feel like God is giving you a ‘mission field’ of your own?


4 Responses to “A good God?”

  1. Shawn W Says:

    Being a “missionary” in your own town is amazing!
    In the town where my church is located poverty is the norm. It came to me several years ago that it’s very hard to hear the gospel if your stomach is rumbling.

    After many years of tearful prayer, the Lord sent a like-minded Pastor. We opened a food pantry, and had a teen rally where all the kids “won” school supplies. We’ve also managed to buy a small van, so now we can go get the folks, who have no way, to church. The Pastor was talking, today, about more ways we can help.

    God bless, and enjoy your ministry. You have a fantastic road ahead.

  2. patrowland Says:

    i love hearing other people struggle with the same stuff. It is so hard to think of myself as being in the top 3% world wide economically because I own house. We are so blessed and to much is given much is expected. I can’t wait to see what God does in and through you!

  3. Pete Wilson Says:

    If it helps at all Jenn, I’m struggling with all of this as well. It’s tough to get our mind around.

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