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Silas and Sawyer August 28, 2008

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Last week our friends Alan and Carrie welcomed their little boy, Sawyer, into the world. You should click here and here to read his story! We had the chance to go visit for a few minutes while they were in the hospital. I hesitated to take the boys but realized that if we did not take them, we might not see Sawyer for another week or two. As I was talking to Alan I told him that we would have the boys and we would take turns in the room and keep the boys out. It should not have surprised me that he told me to bring those boys in the room. Just another reason we love them so much! One of my favorite moments was caught on film. Here is Silas holding Sawyer. Not only did he hold him once, but twice. He kept asking for more! I can see that these two guys are going to be great buddies!


5 Responses to “Silas and Sawyer”

  1. Alan Binkley Says:

    Keep the boys out? Ummm… not a chance! Those boys are amazing and my Mom would have killed us had we tried keeping them out. She raised two boys herself and there is nothing she loves more than little boys.

    I thought it was great how I handed Sawyer to you and Silas immediately reached for him. That is a boy after my own heart, eh? My very first memory was from when I was 2 1/2 and Mom and Nanny were bringing home my brother. I remember them walking in and then me throwing a fit when they wouldn’t let me hold him. Not a pretty site, I’m sure, but a great memory nonetheless.

    Bless you guys and tell Heath that we’ll have to make a fire pit over here in the new yard soon.


  2. GiGi Says:

    He takes after his Grand-pa, who ALWAYS wants to hold the little ones! Such a cute picture! GiGi

  3. Oh that is just tooo sweet!

  4. crosspointfitness Says:

    I LOVE Silas’s red hair!! what a precious boy! and we couldn’t be happier for those sweet binkleys! LOVE em

  5. Way too cute for words. He has the magic touch for sure!!

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