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Respect in the midst of triumph August 21, 2008

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I had the chance to watch Michael Phelps when his 8th gold medal the other night. I really had not watched too much of him before that. However, I wanted to tell the boys (one day) that I saw history made. Yet, his gold medal was not the highlight of his win. This was:

This was right after the medal ceremony. He and his team mates are taking their victory walk, posing for pictures along the way. And then, he breaks from his group and goes right into the photographers…just to kiss his mom and sisters.

I am sure there were some people who thought this was a little crazy but it made my heart melt. You could tell while watching him swim that his mom was probably one of his biggest fans. He could have walked on around the track and simply waved. But instead, he gave her a dose of respect that would not have come any other way.

It got me thinking about my boys. Am I really their biggest fan? In their moment of glory what will they do? While I don’t expect them to share it with me I hope they know that I will be there in the stands, in the audience or where ever they are cheering the loudest for them!


3 Responses to “Respect in the midst of triumph”

  1. i felt the same way. gotta love a momma’s boy! 🙂

  2. YOU absolutely are your boys’ biggest fan!! Just look at your blog!!! I think you’re a fantastic mom… raising wonderful boys!!

  3. I hope that my kids adore me like this when they’re grown. To me that is the biggest compliment a mother can have is for her grown children to honor and adore her.

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