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Recapping the weekend August 18, 2008

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Our weekend felt so much like a whirlwind and yet it was wonderful! Heath had to work this weekend which meant long hours of me and the boys. Here are the highlights

* The phone ringing at 645am on Saturday morning and hearing my father in law’s voice. He had gone by the local bakery and was bringing the boys donut holes and me some chocolate iced donuts. We LOVE this bakery and it is always a treat when Pappy brings us this.
* Visit with Heath’s parents. They offered to let us come swim, which really meant the boys and Mumsey! They also watched the boys while I went to a baby shower. Add to that dinner, dessert and bath time. They are wonderful in laws…could not ask for any better!
*Robin’s baby shower! She is having a little girl and it was so fun to celebrate with her. It was great to just see some old friends, too.
*Heath still had some work to do Sunday so the boys and I headed to church for both services. They were great! I was a little worried how they would fare staying for both services but they had fun.
* Date night in with Heath. Heath and I decided to feed the boys and put them to bed before we ate. After they were in bed, I ran out and got us some food and then we watched the Notebook. There will be more on that movie this week but for being a chick flick it is one of my favorites now.

Now we are back to the grind of life! This week is filled with meetings, school and more but it is sure to be fun!

What did you do this weekend?


One Response to “Recapping the weekend”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Love the Notebook. Could watch it a 1000 times 🙂 Glad you had a great weekend!

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