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Thinking again… August 13, 2008

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Heath and I rented ‘The Bucket List’ on Monday night (yes, it takes us a while to find time to watch a movie!). I laughed out loud and found tears streaming down my face. It caused me to think about somethings in my life and life in general. Here is a portion of my list.

* How do I treat those around me? I loved the relationship between Edward and Thomas. It is by far a non traditional relationship. What I loved was the sheer acceptance they had for one another. By the middle of the movie I simply could not understand why Thomas stuck around. By the end, I knew…it was love and acceptance of a friend. Neither of them was perfect and they both knew it. I loved how Thomas kept his word by climbing the Himalayas at the end.

*I thought it was beautiful as Edward crossed off ‘kiss the most beautiful woman’ after he met his granddaughter for the first time and kissed her cheek. Beauty is not about being a size zero, being tan or fit. Beauty is in the moment, in the heart. Beauty is in the connection. Imagine life without others. It is desolate, lonely. There is beauty in the connection of others.

*There is a defining moment in the movie where Carter tries to get Edward to reconnect with his daughter again. Edward says ‘just because I tell you my story does not invite you to be part of it’. Edward leaves and Carter goes home, grateful for what he has. I have thought about this sentence much. How many times do I say this (maybe not aloud) but say it in my mind or heart. Sometimes it hurts to have someone push back against you and force you to look at life from their eyes. And yet, we need those people in our lives. People that aren’t afraid to get dirty with our baggage. People that are willing to tackle us as we try to run away. Carter does this with his letter.

* One of my favorite lines was ‘We live to die another day’. It was said with such enthusiasm and joy. These guys recognized the importance of one day…today was not the end. Another might just be, but not today. How many times to I think, I can do that another day? The fact is, that day might be the end, but not today.

*Final thought, I think way too much and too hard…something Heath would adamantly agree with! There are nights I can not sleep because I can’t stop thinking! I am so much like Carter. I want to see something majestic, help another person, etc. Heath is a lot like Edward, go skydiving. I began to appreciate that adventure filled side of Heath…he is such a joy and I know that even in my last months he will be using that adventure to bring out a new life in me!

Have you seen The Bucket List? What did you think of it?


3 Responses to “Thinking again…”

  1. we loved it too! great observations about the movie, you make me want to watch it again! 🙂

  2. fullofboys Says:

    @Brandiandboys – As I was writing the list I thought that I wanted to go see it again, too! It is definitely going to be one in my collection soon!

  3. Krista Says:

    Just watched it last month (we rarely watch movies either) and had no idea what it was about other than generally. My hubby picked it out, but unfortunately it’s not such a great movie to watch with your father who has Parkinson’s (recently) and pretty much thinks his life is over.
    So I’m sure I got different things out of it and it was rather uncomfortable at times for me.
    It was interesting at the end to see who lived the longest and what he did with his life. Especially the way being faced with death makes you see what’s really important. Reminds me of a country song, but I’m so bad with songs that I can’t remember anything about it except something about going 8 seconds on a bull and I think it was by Tim McGraw! 😉

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