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Tuesday’s Tune August 12, 2008

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Well, I am going to try something new on this blog! I love music…truly, I can’t get enough of it. YOu will find just about every kind of station on my 12 presets. My itunes collection is a hodge podge of everything from rock to rap with country mixed in. There are so many songs I hear that move me or are just plain great. On Tuesdays, I am going to showcase a song that I love. It might be new or it might be old but they are songs I feel are great!

This week it is Third Day’s Run to You. Oh, and Lacey Mosley from Flyleaf is doing BGV’s on this song! There are certain songs that when I hear them I think, man, that is one I would love to sing on stage…this one is no exception. Beyond all the music it is the lyrics that make this one important for me. All along my Christian walk, I stall, fall and fail. This song really captures a place I have found my self in not too long ago. My heart kept asking the question if I ran to God would he hold me forevermore? The answer was and is yes. I have come to know that regardless where I go or come from, His arms are still there, open and waiting. Take a listen, the lyrics are below. What do you think?

I was tired of waiting
Playing all the games and
Living in a place that was not for me
So I thought it was time
For me to get what’s mine
And to do it all, everything I dreamed
What I thought was the best of me turned to be
All the worst I could find

If I run to you
Will you hold me in your arms forevermore
If I run to you
Will you hold me in your arms forevermore

Now I got a feeling
That I’ve got to leave and
Find a way back to where I came from
Though I don’t deserve it
I know it’s unheard but
Living here without you, my life is done
I confess that I shouldn’t have run from you
Now I know I was wrong

Nowhere to run to
And no one to turn to
I’m dying out here on my own
Long before I even thought of returning
Your arms are wide open
Waiting for me to come home


2 Responses to “Tuesday’s Tune”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Love that song. I also like your new idea for Tuedays. Can’t wait to see more off your choices. You should go old school on time 🙂

  2. Jennifer Says:

    that should say

    more OF your choices and

    old school SOME time

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