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Molding? July 29, 2008

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Yesterday I took the boys to the zoo…by myself! I wish I had a picture to prove it but honestly, getting them there with food and drinks in tow was enough of a challenge for me! Cameras are not easily attached to my hand! šŸ™‚ We had a great time. It was quick, as it was SUPER hot! They all had animals they really liked and talked the entire way home (almost 45 minutes) about which animals were the coolest. One of the best lines came that evening as they were rehashing all their stories to Heath:

Joel: The ‘caw’ (meaning Macaw) was my favorite.
Isaiah: Yeah, we got to see the feather of one! It was molding.
Heath: (containing laughter) Do you mean molting?
Isaiah: Oh yeah, that’s it.

The take away here? He has no clue what mold or molding is! What a relief he missed the bag of cheese I threw out last week that was stuck behind a drawer for some time!

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6 Responses to “Molding?”

  1. Kevin Davis Says:

    I’ve got two boys – they’re the best.

  2. Laurie Says:

    are you interested in what’s hiding in my fridge? I’m sure I have some very funky stuff! you can come clean it out if ya want to :)))

  3. Pete Wilson Says:

    I love your boys!

  4. WOW – you are brave and you DID the zoo? by yourself? Sounds fun though.

    cute sayings. I love when they use words they don’t ” know” for sure. LOL!

  5. This is a GREAT story!! Your boys are too cute! And you are brave – way to go!!

  6. Alan Binkley Says:

    Molding cheese? What do you think cheese is, Jenn? *dodges swing* Yeah, Carrie hates it when I tell her the same.

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