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Cramming July 24, 2008

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There is one word that describes life in our house right now: cramming.

Seriously, cramming things like 6 year check ups, 2 year check ups, pool visits, playdates, visits to the zoo, seeing grandparents…oh and quality family time! Whew, just writing it wears me out a bit. Why are we cramming? Isaiah starts 1st grade next Friday! People, that is 8 days away! Joel and Silas will start on August 12th! We are making the most of every moment possible!

I have to tell you that while I feel like I have a million things to do through next Friday, I love this time of summer. Somehow, we get so much more family time. I also have learned that I truly enjoy my time with the boys during the chaos that ensues before school starts. Somehow we find time to do things that at the beginning of summer seem insignificant.

School time is fun in our house…and this year Silas will join the fun! He heads to preschool for the first time this year. Joel is really excited about showing his brother ‘his’ school! I am sure there will be stories to come soon enough about that.

Off to get some more done…although today, admittedly, is not as fun. I am going through boxes of clothes to see what will fit them this year! 🙂 But tomorrow, playdate!

So tell me, when you have deadlines coming up, whether it be kids in school or not, what do you do with your time?


4 Responses to “Cramming”

  1. we’re cramming too!

    i use my free time to look at blogs! 🙂 but need to focus on being more productive!

  2. 5th Street Says:

    I don’t do a great job when I have things I HAVE to do coming up. I will do something fun instead.

  3. I’m afraid that when I get that busy with “to-do” stuff, I just feel like hiding in bed or locking myself in the bathroom with a good book.

    It’s better if I sit on the couch and read to my kids. No matter how hectic things are, if we sit and read together, everything is calm. For at least five minutes!

  4. Morocco Says:

    I am cramming as well! I am a teacher and we start school before the kids, so I really don’t have a lot of time left. Like you I enjoy being at home. Maybe when I win the lottery I’ll quit my day job!

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