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Silas is 2!! July 18, 2008

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Today Silas turns two years old. As many people know, Silas was a surprise to me. We were ‘done’ when Joel came into our family. God had such better plans for us! Silas is a delight! He is quirky and funny. He repeats everything. If Joel or Isaiah is trying something you better believe that Silas will be trying it too! He thinks he is one of them.

Silas taught me a lot during his first year. His arrival made a huge impact on me as well. He came by c-section, something that did not happen with the first two. I went into the hospital knowing he would come that way. He tried to make his arrival earlier, much earlier in fact. 5 weeks before our due date we were in the hospital with contractions and I was dilating. The doctor thought I was dehydrated and gave me IV fluids. Apparently, I was not dehydrated as the fluids only intensified everything. I remember crying to Heath in that moment, not in pain, but in fear. I kept saying ‘it isn’t his time’. Thankfully a shot later the contractions ceased…at least that day! 🙂

I learned how to trust God in new ways with Silas. A c-section was terrifying to me. The idea of the epidural was frightening. Healing from surgery seemed daunting. Taking home a third little guy seemed overwhelming. Yet, God was always near to me. As we struggled through the first months of a doctor’s office being our second home, He was there. Sometimes I could feel His peace and strength, other times I just had to trust Him. Silas gave me the gift of trust. It wasn’t a gift I thought I needed but once I received it I could not imagine never having it. You can read more about him here.

Silas, Happy 2nd Birthday! You are my little red head full of energy and life. Your silly faces and bright smiles cause everyone to smile a little more. Your ability to go from elated to plain mad in the snap of a finger matches your hair perfectly. Si Man, thanks for giving me more than I can give you. You are my blessing and I thank God for you! I love you!


9 Responses to “Silas is 2!!”

  1. Niquie Says:

    Happy Birthday Silas!

  2. Laurie Says:

    Happy Birthday cute boy! He is totally handsome! Can’t wait till the picnic Sunday – see you there.

  3. jodi Says:

    What a cutie! Happy birthday Little Guy!!!

  4. Aw, Jenn…..this is SO CUTE!!! Wow, it’s already been two years since you had him! Time flies doesn’t it…?? ALL your boys are cute!!!

  5. PS. Better change your “About Me”… Silas is no longer 1… teehee

  6. Kelsey Says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  7. Alan Binkley Says:

    I love him.

    *to Joel…”That’s MY baby!”

  8. Happy Birthday, Buddy. You’re too cute for words and a HUGE blessing to everyone!

  9. inkgalcrazyme Says:

    your blog is inspiring..you have wonderful boys that makes you happy..I really love seeing happy people..

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