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Kidstuff and more July 11, 2008

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i have already lost so much sleep by visiting Becca…and it is so worth it! As soon as we arrvied we grabbed a quick bite to eat Burger King and then headed to meet Becca at her church. She was there because she works with the dancers in Kidstuff service. It was great to see her in her element with the children. And their Kidstuff service is amazing! I am telling you, the kids loved it. There is so much energy goin on there. I took pictures and I will post them when we get back home. The best part was that her chuch uses the same stuff as our church for their children’s ministry. Each month we learn a virtue. During Kidstuff the host talked about the virtue, self control. Immediately Isaiah smiled and said ‘hey, we are learning that too!’. It was great! We stayed up super late talking and I might regret it today…probably not! More later!


6 Responses to “Kidstuff and more”

  1. Niquie Says:

    I’m so glad you get to spend some quilaty time with your sister! Hope you guys have a great trip!

  2. Christy Says:

    So glad you’re having fun girl! Love to you and Becca!

  3. Kelsey Says:

    Glad your having fun!!

  4. Sounds like a blast! I’m a HUGE fan of Kidstuff and love to hear other churches having so much fun with this amazing program!!

    Glas you had a great visit. Welcome home!

  5. Actually, I’m “GLAD” you had a great visit!!

  6. […] I love the atmosphere there and the message was great! I can not wait to post about it! Like I said here, we got to go to a Kidstuff service too! It was much fun and the boys loved it. Here are some pics […]

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