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Appreciation June 23, 2008

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If you have been reading this blog for some time, you know (or maybe don’t know) that I stepped in as the interim director for our Children’s Ministry at the Dickson campus of Crosspoint a few months back. I leave my house around 645am in the morning on Sundays to get to church to set up and many days don’t leave until after 1 in the afternoon. It can be a long day (not as long as Chad’s day, though). Some days I truly wonder if it is worth it. The volunteers are amazing and the children are a delight (even the ones that scream!). I took over this interim with no experience. Believe me, having three little ones does not qualify me at all! Most Sundays I am pulled out of my comfort zone into the hyperness of the children. I have to tell you that some weeks I simply wonder why I do it. It isn’t for recognition, it isn’t to get more ‘serving hours’ in. I am happy to serve behind the scenes and let the volunteers shine…they are all remarkable! I sometimes question if God is using me in this place. It isn’t about stepping down, it is about being the place He would like me to be. Last Sunday, a mom made little gift bags for ALL the teachers (all, not just her children’s teachers) and handed them out. I was humbled that she included me in that group. Her note was simple but was heartfelt. This week, a little boy came up to me with a gift card to a local coffee house (which I am a sucker for good coffee) with a little note. Again, it was simple but it meant more than words could express. When this little guy and his little brother come in I just smile. They are full of energy and life and I love watching the teachers interact with them and earn their trust.

Now, you might think I am telling you all this so you will rush out and buy gifts for the people who teach your children. I am not, well unless you want to do that! These parents and their children gave me a great gift. It wasn’t what was opened but it was the realization that they were appreciating me. I had to pause to think about whether or not I showed appreciation to my volunteers, my children’s teachers, to people who make coffee every morning (and keep me going all day!). They are all amazing and I sometimes miss the chance to say thank you to them. Do you miss it to? Please, tell me I am not the only one who sometimes get wrapped up in my own world!

I have decided this week to make some time to let people know how much I appreciate them, how they impact my life. I would encourage you to do the same. It doesn’t have to be a gift bag or gift card, a simple note can mean so much! Is your child’s Sunday School teacher? Maybe it is a close friend who has taken time for you. Whoever it is, try to find a way to say thanks!

Who will you be thanking this week?


4 Responses to “Appreciation”

  1. Laurie Says:

    Well, I’ll start with thanking YOU. You have brought such amazing positive energy to Kids World. I know your time in this job will be short, but you have made a huge impact on us (not just because you pre print most of my tags for me LOL).


  2. I totally agree with you, there are so many people that I appreciate but neglect to tell them. Thanks for challenging me to not miss those opportunities.

  3. Kelsey Says:

    I totally agree I will need to step up!

  4. Cindy Says:

    I appreciate you Jenn! You are doing an amazing job with Kidzworld and I can tell you it’s not overlooked by either myself or David. We often have talked about how organized you are and what a gift you have for bringing everything together. Thank you for the work that you are doing for our children. Also I greatly appreciate you for the friendship that you are offering and that we are building. You are helping me personally to understand the meaning of community and building relationships within the church community and I truly appreciate you.
    I miss so many opportunities to show people how grateful I am and how much I appreciate them for their contributions to our church, to my family, to me personally or even to society in general.
    It really touched me as well to receive a gift last week from the parent of a child that I do not teach and I also received a gift card Sunday from one of my little guys with a note that said “thank you for lovin’ on us”. I have to say that it brought tears to my eyes and I don’t know if those people that I thanked truly know just how much their thoughtfulness touched my heart.
    I am going to work harder this week to show appreciation, thanks for the reminder.

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