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Please pray for Isaiah June 16, 2008

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3:00pm UPDATE: Got a call from Jenn a little while ago.  She said Isaiah is in an urgent care room in the ER.  He is getting IV fluids right now.  His fever broke…which is a huge praise!  His pain has diminished a bit which is also a praise.  They are going to wait and see how Isaiah feels after the IV fluids are done.  If the pain increases again they will do a cat scan to see what all is going on.  Please pray that the pain would subside completely and that he can go home quickly.  Jenn and Heath are both with them.  Pray for them as you know it’s so hard to watch your child in pain.  I’ll update again when I know more.  Thanks.


Hi, this is Christy Hutchins, a friend of Jennifer Garton.  She asked me to write and ask you all to pray for her son Isaiah.  He woke up around 1am this morning with intense abdominal pain.  She took him into the doctor’s office and they did blood work along with some other tests.  His white blood count was off so they have sent him to Children’s Hospital ER to see if he might possibly have an appendicitis.  Please pray for Isaiah.  He is definitely in pain.  Please pray for Jennifer and Heath, for wisdom as they make decisions.  Please pray for the doctors to quickly diagnose Isaiah.  I’ll keep you updated as I am updated.  Thank you for praying. 


3 Responses to “Please pray for Isaiah”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I am praying!

  2. […] 16, 2008 Thanks so much to Christy for taking time to get the word out about Isaiah. All of the calls, texts, emails and comments mean so much to us! Soon after Isaiah began to get […]

  3. […] What a week we have been through here at our house. It has been a bit like a roller coaster here with me screaming to get off at times. Through it all, I have learned much (I can not wait to share with you next week). Isaiah is doing much better! He seems back to him normal self this morning and we had our first good night sleep last night. […]

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