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Please Pray for Isaiah – Update June 16, 2008

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Thanks so much to Christy for taking time to get the word out about Isaiah. All of the calls, texts, emails and comments mean so much to us! Soon after Isaiah began to get the IV fluids he began to perk up. We were excited as it seemed the worst was behind us. However, soon after 3:00pm, he started down hill again. The doctor in the ER decided that she wanted to do an x-ray rather than put him through a cat scan. We received the results of the x-ray and we were relieved at first. She shared with us that is looked like it could be a backed up stool that was too hard to pass. She recommended some medicine and said it should clear up in a couple days. However, if it returns (we will check in about a month or so), we will need to look at the possibility of a hernia of some type or a blockage in the intestines. We arrived home a little after 6pm tonight. Isaiah had his first does of medicine and went to the couch. He is so lifeless, unlike himself. About an hour later, all the medicine came back up. I am not sure any even made it through his system. He is weak and tired. He has had only a piece of bread this morning and very little to drink. His fever is returning which takes even more of a toll on his body. Right now we are just watching him, waiting to see what develops. Please continue to pray for his body. The weaker he is, the harder it is for him to manage the pain. And selfishly, please pray for Heath and me. We want to do what is best for Isaiah.


4 Responses to “Please Pray for Isaiah – Update”

  1. micey Says:

    I really hope this comment finds you quickly. I am a nurse and I love the Lord too. If Isaiah can’t keep any liquids in him and his fever is coming back, please take him back to the ER. I assume he is one of your boys? He needs to be hydrated some how. Little children get dehydrated very quickly. I’ll be praying for you and I really hope his illness passes quickly! God bless you and keep you!

  2. Hey, Jenn – Prayers going up for all of you!

  3. Kelsey Says:

    Many Prayers heading to you!

  4. we’re out of town and i just saw this…i’ll be praying. keep us posted!!

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