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Super Savings June 7, 2008

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As I have said before here and here, we live as frugal as possible. After all, frugal sounds so much better than cheap! I used to think that pinching pennies meant that you didn’t get the ‘good things’. I was wrong. Crystal normally does a thing on Saturdays called Super Savings Saturday. I have not participated yet. Even though I get good deals and save a good amount of money in the process, I never mange to get a picture of it all before I put it away. I went to CVS this week and saved a little more than $141.00. When my mom tells my dad she saved money, his first questions is how did she have to spend to save that much! I spent a little over $11.00!

Did you see that? I spent a little over $11.00 total! It took three transactions, rolling over ECBs and using coupons. I was so excited to tell Heath! The best part? We needed the items pictured. Well, all except the glucose monitor. The monitor was on sale fro $30.00 this week and I had a coupon to save $30.00 off 1, so it was free. I plan to donate it to an elderly lady we know. I think the best part about saving is having the ability to still give to others. Some months it feels hard to simply feed 3 growing boys, a hubby and myself and I wonder if pinching pennies is even worth it. This month, it sure was! Now, if I had only taken the picture of my Publix trip…where I spent around $24.00 and saved $28.00!


6 Responses to “Super Savings”

  1. Jennifer Dillingham Says:

    I have no concept of this what so every. You are going to have to tell me how you do this. I tend to make savings trips to the store and it ends up costing me more.

  2. Beth Says:

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I’ve just, in the last month, figured out the CVS thing – and I’m so glad I did! My next goal is to actually menu plan, lol.
    I love your title picture and “about me”- I couldn’t have said it better.
    God bless!

  3. Niquie Says:

    You have got to tell me how you did that! We’re really trying to start pinching pennies since Jared’s back in school.

  4. Suzy Says:

    It is addicitve. I am amazed at how you guys can do this. Can you give an idea how long it takes during a week. Love your site.

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  5. Liberty Says:

    so how do you do it? I am clueless

  6. […] 11, 2008 Thanks to all of you who commented or emailed about the Super Savings post on Saturday. I confess that there are weeks I am unable to get the great deals like that. […]

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