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My Red Headed Woodpecker June 4, 2008

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My red headed woodpecker (aka Silas) is gone. No worries, he is coming back home. But he left today with his Gigi and will not return until Friday. I know there are a lot of times that Isaiah and Joel get blog time because they play sports, go to school or simply talk. Silas gets neglected sometimes because I can never figure out how to translate his million dollar smile into words.

Silas was not planned (then again, neither was Isaiah!). In fact, we had decided that after Joel that we would not go through it again. We loved the boys but the labor was so hard with Joel and the risks were not worth it. Oh – I am so sure God laughed at us! There we went trying to make our plans and they were not matching His! We went on a cruise to Bermuda for our 5th anniversary. I was sick as a dog the entire time. I swore to never set foot on a boat again! Within the next two weeks I was in a doctor’s office listening in disbelief as my doctor confirmed my pregnancy. Heath was out of town so I called my sister, Christy and then Brandi to tell them the news. I was terrified. Thankfully, all three of them had the words I needed to hear that day.

It is hard to believe that almost 2 years ago he came into our family. We have not been the same since. His strong will and determination to be one of the ‘big boys’ is still amazing. Yet, it is that desire that drives him…all the way into the top bunk bed! His lack of fear is also how he tumbled down the stairs and ended up with a banged up nose. His strength and perseverance is how he prevailed through countless ear infections, ER visits, aspiration and pneumonia. He is such a little fighter.

I will miss him while he is away. The house will be a little quieter and dinners will be a little less hectic. There won’t be anyone to buckle into a car seat when we leave and there will not be a little red head singing behind me. Yet, he will enjoy his time, time he deserves. Grandpa and Gigi will have fun too. As my Dad often tells me, grandkids is the best part of having kids!


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