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WFMW – Free Family Movies May 28, 2008

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It is summer here…which means it is hot, school is out and it is time to entertain the kids. Really, I don’t mind summer. I actually love it. We fill our summer up with things that we normally would not do during the school year. We get the opportunity hang out with friends we might not regularly see during the year and do things like visiting a local dairy! This summer we plan to participate in Regal’s free family movies! They happen on Tuesday and Wednesday in the mornings. But did you hear me….free! Several of my friends have done this before and I am looking forward to partaking this year with the boys. Best of all, you know the movies ahead of time and you could even rent them first just to make sure you would approve of them. Want more info, check out their site here.


5 Responses to “WFMW – Free Family Movies”

  1. unorganizedchaos Says:

    Well, how cool. I want to do that. To bad they play during the 2 months and the
    2 days my kids will be in school 😦

  2. mattie Says:

    Thank you!! I’ve been looking for this website!

  3. unorganizedchaos Says:

    Ok, so my previous post was supposed to say. They are in school during the 2 months
    and on the 2 days they offer theses movies. Must not have had my coffee yet.

  4. Audra Krell Says:

    I have three boys and they are 15, 12 and 9. Wait until you see the wild adventures you are in for! It only gets better and I believe there is nothign in the world better than being the only girl in a house of amazing men!

  5. Dev Says:

    i wish we had free movie days here!! thats my favorite price!

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