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Thankful Thursday – My Boys May 22, 2008

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There have been posts all over the internet about this. I almost didn’t post it myself. The reason is not because my heart does not ache but more because I was not interested in raising my stats for the day from this tragedy. Yet, as I was trying to write some of the reasons I am thankful, this article kept coming back to me. As a mom of boys, there have been days when I struggled with not having a little girl. I admit it, I am totally selfish at times. And by selfish I mean, cry myself to sleep wondering why God choose to give me all boys and not a girl. I would wonder why when I had wanted a daughter for so long God would not give me someone to shop with and have tea parties with and so on. Lately, God has really been working on my heart about that. I have seen some friends deal with infertility issues and I am realizing how blessed we are to have three healthy boys. Then, reading an article where a child is lost, I begin to realize anew the blessings that God has brought into my life. Here are just a few of the reasons I am thankful for my boys today.

*They keep me young – I have learned how to have energy from sunrise until well after sunset.

*They make me old mature – I have learned to grow up, put others first and care about the condition of someone’s heart rather than the outward appearance.

* They cause me to be grateful for the men who came before them – Each one of the boy’s middle names comes from another man in our family. Isaiah is named for Heath’s grandfather, Joel for my father and Silas for Heath’s step father. All of these men are a huge part of who we are as people, spouses and parents.

* They have taught me to laugh – In high school I was considered the serious one…and in most respects, I still am. It is hard to get me to laugh out loud…but the boys can do it almost daily.

* They will have the opportunity to carry on their father’s name – As Heath and I married, we made some goals for our marriage. One was to ‘make right’ his last name. He wanted the name to be one that was full of integrity, honor, truth and trust. God has given us three opportunities to carry on his name.

What causes you to give thanks? Read what others are saying here!


7 Responses to “Thankful Thursday – My Boys”

  1. Melanie Says:

    What a sweet and honest post! Even when God’s way doesn’t always match ours there is thankfulness to be found. What sweet boys he has blessed you with!

    Happy Thankful Thursday!

  2. Gina Says:

    How precious this post was. I always wanted a little girl and received no children. God does know best and I trust Him.

  3. Susan Says:


    So nice to meet you! I’m the mother of 5 sons, so you know I KNOW how you feel about those girls. I know you are grateful for your sons, but yes, I understand your longing for some “female” company!

    I know this may not be too much comfort now, but I’m the grandmother of 3 of the most beautiful grand-daughters. I love shopping for them, having tea parties, and doing girly things. Really at this time in my life I have that special time to spend with each one. I’m grateful. So God had things planned out so perfectly for me, after all!

    Please enjoy these years, they will come and go so FAST! My boys are very special to me, we have remained close.

    I’ll keep you in prayer, I know God is up to something great for you.

  4. April Says:

    I think we are all holding our children (boys and girls) a little tighter today. God is faithful no matter what life throws at us.

  5. BP Says:

    Hello, I am glad I stopped by your blog. I enjoyed your thankful post! It sounds like your boys are a big blessing to your life. It is nice to see you see what a blessing and gift they are.

  6. Pete Wilson Says:

    Great post Jen. This tragedy has rocked my world. It’s been awesome today to read all the incredible prayers that people are lifting up for them. It’s awesome to watch Christian community in action!

  7. Denise Says:

    Bless you for your open, honest heart.

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