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Eyes of My Boy May 20, 2008

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Conversation with Isaiah (5 and 1/2) tonight.

Isaiah: Mom, you look pretty tonight…prettier than the sunset.

Me: Wow, thanks Isaiah. (Looking out the corner of my eye to his father with the mixed expression on my face that said ‘where did he think up that’ and ‘why didn’t you say that’.

Isaiah: Yeah, but I guess that isn’t really nice to say.

Me: What? (Not nice, it is one of the nicest things ever)

Isaiah: I mean, it sure isn’t nice to the sunset

And there you have it…Isaiah is worried about everyone’s feelings, even the sunset! Just one of the many reasons I love that little guy!

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3 Responses to “Eyes of My Boy”

  1. so sweet! nothing better than hearing you’re pretty from one of your boys!

  2. Oh that is so precious. What a thoughtful comment to mommy…and the concern for the sunset…cute cute!

    Happy TTT!

  3. jodi Says:

    LOL! How thoughtful of him to think of the sunset! 🙂

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