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Isaiah’s game ball night! May 19, 2008

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“I won the game ball, I won the game ball”. That was the sentence Isaiah kept repeating (or rather squealing) on Saturday night. He called all his grandparents and even my sister to tell them the news. It was the end of the last inning. His team had two outs and the score was tied with one runner on second base. Let me tell you, this mom’s heart was pounding! I try to be as removed as possible with my emotions from the game but this night was a little different. Isaiah had been up to bat twice before during the game. He was trying something new this game…batting left. He is left handed but after watching him bat once, I felt pretty strongly that they should switch him back right. However, they kept him left for his second time at bat. The last time they moved him back right and it made a big difference. He hit the coach pitch (they get two coach pitches and 2 times off the tee)! He knocked it down the third base line with enough force to bounce over the third base bag. He got all the way to second, his team mate made it come and the referee called it a game. As his coach praised the team for playing well, he called out Isaiah’s name for the game ball. Isaiah beamed. He has had an on and off time on the field this season. It has been a little harder than he imagined as sports take some work for him. I am so proud of him for sticking with the game and trying his best every week! Way to go Isaiah!


One Response to “Isaiah’s game ball night!”

  1. Lori K Says:

    Woo hoo!!! Way to go, Isaiah – that is very cool. We are enjoying softball this year with Bailey, but I must admit that it’s very time-consuming when there are other weekly commitments, too, like soccer, small group, scouts, work, etc. I admire you guys for the time and effort it takes to develop your little athletes!

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