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How do you dress? May 16, 2008

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Pete did a post yesterday. Anne did a post last week. If you have not heard about the Boobies post, I suggest you check it out. But really, this is my blog, so I am talking about it my own way.

Moms of boys…this is a challenge to you all now.

You are the closest thing your son might have to learn about modesty.

There. I said it. I mean it too.

Especially if you have only boys, like me.

Our boys are bombarded with images and ideals of what makes a woman attractive. Prettiness is becoming a character trait that now replaces values such as integrity, honesty and trustworthiness. As a woman I do want to feel pretty. As the lone female in my house, I want to feel attractive. But in my quest for this, do I miss the chance to teach my boys that the heart is far more beautiful than my figure?

Does this mean I have to wear a loose pair of jeans and sweatshirt that are too big in hopes that no one notices me? No. What it does mean is that I need to put more thought into everything I wear or don’t wear. My boys already see me put on make up when we go out. I am not going to stop putting it on. However, I am more aware of making sure I don’t put it on all the time..and believe me, I used to do that. Running to the store? Yep, make up had to be applied first. Going outside in the backyard? Absolutely I need a good foundation. Laying out by the pool? I could not imagine not having my hair perfectly positioned. I don’t want them to fall into the trap of believe that foundation, mascara and hair spray make me pretty. Even if I am very thankful for concealer and a flat iron on certain days!

I want to be the ‘cool mom’ or the ‘trendy friend’ but at what cost? This really came up on vacation recently. I love a two piece swimsuit. When I am alone or with just Heath, I will most likely have this on. However, when I am with the boys, I don a one piece. (Disclaimer: if you are a mom in a two piece, that is just fine. I just feel that is something that I don’t do…hear my heart, there is no judgment).

I don’t think I am being a prude…I think I am being realistic. Our boys look to us to model what kind of wife they look for in the future. So tell me, would you be satisfied if you son brought you home?


2 Responses to “How do you dress?”

  1. andreamcmann Says:

    That’s great! Parents sometimes don’t sit back and think about how their actions today are going to affect the choices their children make in the future. It also counts for girls. Someone recently bought my two-year-old daughter a skimpy bikini that they thought was “adorable.” ??
    Let’s just say that swimming suit isn’t going to get much use. If she tries to wear something that skimpy when she’s 16, she’ll be grounded for a month.

  2. Amen! that’s why my Victoria’s Secret catalogs are put up and out of reach. they will be bombarded with enough images, i don’t want to be the one providing those images for them. you’re right on Jen!

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