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Stiff and Sore May 14, 2008

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Yesterday seemed like a normal day when I woke up. It was bright and sunny and the boys were well behaved! After taking Joel to school, Silas and I headed for the grocery store. It was the best he has behaved in a long time. I thought to myself, ‘finally, he gets the waiting in line thing’. When we got home, Silas ‘helped’ carry in the groceries. After we put them away, I fixed lunch. He was acting a little hyper but I knew that as soon as he got food, he would calm down. I made pizza for him. I had it cut on the plate and at the table when I realized his cup was still in the van. I dashed outside to get his cup only to return to a locked storm door. Yes, locked! Silas had managed to flip the lock but was unable to unlock it. After spending a few minutes trying to talk to and 21 month old through a glass storm door, I decided I had to do something. I had no keys, no phone and no neighbors home. I tried to remain calm…but I started to panic. Somehow, I thought to check on the side window. It was opened with the screen separating me from inside…well, that and 6 feet of siding (I had Heath measure it when he got home). I went to the shed and found a paint scraper. Then, I grabbed the boy’s small plastic table. The table is about 2 feet tall. Standing on the table, I was pretty level with the window. The entire time I hear Silas talking. Then, I hear him start to panic. I call through the screen that everything is ok, Mommy will be there in a minute. I don’t guess he was buying it because he started to panic more. All the while, I am trying to pop out the screen in the window. Finally, I realized he is panicking enough that he is going to make himself sick. I take the paint cutter and cut the screen off. And then it hits me, this window is still four feet from my feet. The only way in is to hoist myself up. Oh – and the window opening is 20 inches by 16 inches. Seriously, as I stood there, screen tore out, I thought, what the heck do I do now? And when did this window get so high? Somehow, I hoisted myself through the window. As I got a good portion of my chest through the window I realized, the window is several feet (3 to be exact) off the floor in the bathroom. When did it get so high? So now I am face with the possibility of tumbling head first into the bathroom! Somehow, I made it into the house, without breaking anything but the screen. However, my arms were beyond exhausted, swollen and bruised. Last night I could barely move my upper body. I think I contorted it into ways a body should not move. Thankfully, everything is fine…just sore.

You bet I will add this to the list of things I have learned since becoming a mom. I have learned that in a moment of need, I can hoist my body up 4 feet, through a 20 inch by 16 inch window and down three feet head first and still live to tell about it. Oh, it is comical now but I still can’t laugh…it just hurts too bad!


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