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How does your character show? May 13, 2008

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Last night we were at the ball park for Isaiah’s game. I really do like it there. I am not too much of an outdoor girl but I find myself drawn to ball more and more. Which is a good thing since I will be there 5 out of 6 days this week! Isaiah plays on a team of 5 and 6 year olds. I have to tell you that they are not the best team, but they DO their best! Actually, there are a couple of kids on his team that are really talented. Even with their lack of skills, they do a really good job. They even win sometimes! Last night, however, was a loss for them. I am not sure if they are getting used to losing or learning that character counts but they all come out of the dugout smiling. Some are laughing. Others are beaming with pride for doing their best. And our parents are there cheering them on. We all know the names of each player now. As each player walks by at least one parent says good job, great hit, way to hustle or something along those lines.
I can’t say the same for our opposing team. They walked out of their dugout looking beat down, tired. There were no “way to go” or “good job” coming from the parents. Which should not surprise me, given one parent who yelled the entire game. Because I am so nice (or just not confrontational with someone bigger than me) I did not let him know what I was thinking. Thankfully I kept my mouth shut because my character shows all the time, even at the ball field. Which led me to think of the following.

Dear parent who chose to yell at your child’s team last night –
I hope you understand the difficulty your child has hearing his coach’s voice on the field telling him to tag the runner when you are telling him to run home. I am sorry your child was ‘tackled’ at home plate as our runner slid on base. I am thankful he was not hurt, as were all the parents on our team who stood in the bleachers and at the fence silently. Every mother ached for him as he shed tears. I am sorry you saw that as a sign of weakness and belittled him.
Please remember that when your child’s team wins, it should be celebrated, regardless of how many catches were missed. I doubt that telling the team they played like crap gives them an incentive to achieve the success of a win next time.
Finally, remember that your words can speak volumes about your character even at the ball park. Those words will also reflect on your family and business. Which might be reason to try to refrain from such loudness when your company’s name is on the uniform.

Regardless of how Isaiah and Joel play, I want them to know I am proud of them. I do not expect perfection, I expect them to give their all and play their best. And at the end of the game, I want them to know my arms are a safe place rest.


2 Responses to “How does your character show?”

  1. Those parents are the worse! I’m loving the ballpark also, even starting to like the concession food since we have a meal there about once a week!

  2. Lori K Says:


    I applaud you for posting this. It’s something that I think about every time we’re either at the ball field or the soccer field. I absolutely yell loudly (the former cheerleader in me comes out roaring!) but it’s always something positive or at the very worst, something that will help the kids. I see/hear the crazy/verbally abusive/and just plain rude parents. It’s really hard on the kids. We try to bring them up in such a positive environment, and sure, they will mess up from time to time, but handling those situations in the right way is critical to their development and character.

    I miss seeing you guys. We were at Burns ball park last night (Bailey had a softball game at 8 pm – yes, 8 pm) and I looked for you. Maybe we can hang out soon!! Also, if you guys have any energy left after your game on Sat, please come see us!!

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