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Please pray May 5, 2008

Filed under: Faith,prayer — fullofboys @ 6:08 pm

Hey all! I can’t remember a time I wrote out a prayer request specifically on a post but I am doing it today. I just got word that my friend Jessica just had one her twins, Avery, admitted to the hospital. He went via ambulance for pneumonia. She is due with her third son in a couple weeks. In fact, she has been having contractions for some time. She is a fabulous mom with a joyful attitude in everything! Please pray for Avery to regain his health, for her husband, Kyle, to be the dad and husband he needs to me. Can you imagine one child in the hospital and one ready to come into the world? Prayer works so I am asking you all to life them up when you think of it! Thanks!


3 Responses to “Please pray”

  1. brandiandboys Says:

    I’ll be praying. Thank you for commenting on my blog. It is kinda addicting and taking all m free time!

  2. brandiandboys Says:

    I think instead of going to Michael’s, I’m coming to Dickson for a cake decorating lesson. Yours looks great girl!

    How is your friend’s little girl, Avery, doing?

  3. Pete Wilson Says:

    Praying like crazy. Please keep us up to date!

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